The Contractor

Where I Watched It: Look, the film is on Showtime, and I have a subscription. Did I have to “find” the audio description elsewhere? Sure. But, I technically have access to this film through my paid subscription to Showtime.

English Audio Description Available?: Again, if you can find it.

Description Provided By: Pixel Logic

Narrated By: Laura Post

What really is there to say about The Contractor? Not much. It’s a pretty generic paint-by-numbers action film that worked well for what it set out to achieve. Considering there are generations of people still watching films in the Sniper universe (a new one was released this year), I can’t begrudge The Contractor for achieving what feels like an elevated version of what that film likely is.

Chris Pine plays a soldier who is abandoned by our military and forced to become a contractor to make money for his family, where he teams up with his buddy Ben Foster (and some other folk with less screentime). They do a job, it goes sideways, some cops get shot (when no one was supposed to be in danger), and they go on the run.

You’ve probably already seen this film. I would equate this to about the same quality as American Assassin. A generic action film with big Hollywood talent that elevates it a little. I’m surprised it wasn’t a theatrical release, though I’m not sure it would ahve made a ton of money. But, Pine and Foster (who were terrific and electric in Hell Or High Water), do their absolute best to make this average script feel better.

I’ve definitely suffered through worse action films this year, like interceptor. This was better than that, but there still are better action films. This is just a recommend for those standard guys who watch nothing but films in this genre and can’t wait for the next Jarhead sequel. In the meantime, this will hold you over.

The Blind Perspective: Other than the fact that I have to hunt down audio description because companies really just don’t care about accessibility, I did find it odd that Laura Post was on an action title. I love her, and her narration. But I’ve come to really become so familiar with her on non-action titles, and a bunch of Disney Plus fare, that it didn’t even feel like her. I was surprised to see her name at the end, because it really didn’t feel like her. Otherwise, this film would be unwatchable without audio description, as the film features far too many action sequences where things happen with no dialogue reference. I can’t imagine watching this with no audio description. I probably would have given up, and just given this film an F and moved on with my life.

Final Thoughts: Audio Description allowed me to fairly review and grade this film, not to mention it’s just the right thing to do. Accessibility should be something these companies strive for, but sadly many just don’t care.

Final Grade: C+

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