The Too Much TV Roundup- September 3rd

I watched a lot of great television this day. So, don’t be surprised by my top pick, because it was really freaking hard.

1) Harley Quinn (HBo MAX)

English Audio Description?: Yes

The 6th episode of the season, essentially a bottle episode centered around the Joker, where he’s raising a family, sitcom style, and has an adopted son named Benecio that he really wants to feel more pride in the heritage of his name and his culture, and tries to fight an entitled PTA mom to get his son a spot on a cultural exchange trip. Seriously. This is the plot. When that doesn’t go well, and he realizes the only way he can make this happen is to be in power, he runs for Mayor. As a socialist. And he robs banks and gives free money to the people of Gotham to get their support. It was a hilarious episode, and a look at a show we never got to see, but I would have loved. I know they tried this with MODOK, but a Joker family sitcom was oddly just what I needed yesterday.

2) For All Mankind (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

In the 6th episode, what starts out as a grab bag of sorts, with Margot trying. To get her Russian friend safe here in America, led to a discovery that the Russians had found water, but were working with Helios… all of that, including Kelly hooking up with a Cosmonaut, was shoved into the back burner by one of the astronauts, Will Tyler, proudly announcing that he’s the first gay man on Mars. Of course, we are stuck in the 90’s, and despite what we know about Ellen, she’s a President for the Republican Party, so here comes “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. I’m glad that even in this big bright beautiful tomorrow, once again directed by Andrew Stanton, we can be reminded of just how bigoted we are even in alternate timelines. Don’t worry, Will. I’m sure the next season of this show will leap forward to a time when… what’s that? Oh, we are still homophobic? Never mind Will. At least you made it where few have ever dared to tread, and they can’t take that away from you.

Episode Grade: A

3) Blackbird (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I keep lamenting how somehow I can’t ever get this wonderful show on the top of my list. Fourth episode, and man, this show is creepier than ever. The realization keeps setting in that this seemingly simple minded janitor may not be so simple. He’s actually a complex monster, and sure, the series suggests that he was made that way through a series of unfortunate events and assholes throughout his life, but he’s a disturbed and broken individual, and Taron edgerton’s Jimmy is trying really hard to keep a straight face.

Episode Grade: A

4) Keep Breathing (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I feel like, going into this show, and knowing what it is, the pilot was always going to be the weakest episode. You know the plane has to crash. That’s what the show is about. There’s no anticipation there. I also knew, while knowing almost nothing about the show, it was a survival show about a singular girl. So, i expected no one but her to survive. Now that everything has been set, I’m looking forward to later episodes. For a random girl, her survival instincts give me hope.

Episode Grade: B+

5) Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Well, it’s not Space Pirates, but it’s an episode that gives Uhura more growth, so that’s something.

Episode Grade: B

6) Boo Bitch (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

In the third episode, the girls prepare for one to say goodbye based on the idea that once she gets her first kiss (her unfinished business), she’ll ascend. Of course, this series isn’t 3 episodes long. When she started talking in text speak, I threw myself off the roof of my house. This show, still, while it may be interesting creatively, has the worst fucking characters. It was in that moment, that I realized, I really don’t care what happens here. I’m invested in a show where I really hope the lead does finally go wherever her ghost needs to go, and I thank God this is a limited series. It’s certainly limited for me, because with the amount of TV still out there, this is my cancellation notice for Boo Bitch. Or, should I say, Bye Bitch.

Episode Grade: C-

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