Where I Watched It: hulu

Audio Description Provided By: Point 360

Narrated By: Roy Samuelson

Hulu continues its barrage of horror titles this October with a horror title about a meme gone wild that stars Shannon Sossamon. Really, that’s all you need to know. Right?

Grimcuddy is a meme, a rather well described creepy as hell meme that comes to life and haunts kids that participate supposedly in its challenge. Basically, parents think their kids are cutting themselves to serve this meme, but these kids can actually see Grimcuddy. And after the attack, they are left with cuts, and the parents never see the meme come to life.

It’s such a problem in this community that school becomes optional. Parents keep their kids home and remove all technology so their kids can’t be haunted by this meme.

Now, this is where we get into the “is it good?” Category. Grimcuddy, at least from a blind persons perspective, was described rather well at least enough to creep me out. So, even though the film doesn’t always follow through with it’s rules (horror movies always have a set of rules to live by) that make it make sense, it has some effective moments. I think, where this film lacks, is that it decided to focus primarily on one girl and her family.

I’m not sure it’s really breaking the mold by simply choosing to go this route, instead of having a group of friends investigating this together. if the teenagers were a group of friends, the stakes were somewhat equal, it would feel a little more like home. Instead, it feels more like a possession movie, taking the viewpoint of a singular family, which is less effective. Why? Well, the adults are useless. They really only become useful later in the film when things finally start happening to their kids that cannot be explained otherwise than just accepting the existence of something they cannot see.

Even a small tight group of maybe 3 friends would be better. instead, the main girl has a friend that appears and goes away to never be heard from again. There’s a rich boy who might have had a cool sequence, but they decided not to. And this girl ends up really with her little brother more than anyone else. Which makes it follow the formula for a possession movie like The Conjuring.

And there it doesn’t work. There’s a promise of potential extreme mayhem in this community. The teens are all seen at a Grimcuddy party, and you think this might turn out to be some sort of massacre. Like, they’re really just gonna regret this life choice. nope. Sorry for the spoiler, but the director passed on having a room full of high school students all simultaneously see Grimcuddy and be attacked.

It’s a cool idea, and some of it is scary. in a thumbs up, thumbs down kind of world, I actually think there’s a small margin here to go with a thumbs up. There were some unexpected moments, and while all the pieces don’t come together, they are there. And even individually, some work.

Roy Samuelson is one of the best narrators in the game, and while I’ve been only fairly recently watching films described by Point 360, they seem to be doing good work. This is a well described film.

If you think you might enjoy this, just temper your expectations.

Final Grade: C+

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