The Too Much TV Roundup- November 8th

Literally. i must be the bad luck demon. I mentioned just yesterday in my last TV Lineup that I was giving my endorsement to The imperfects, and suggesting everyone watch since it had not been cancelled by Netflix yet, and it still had a shot. That same day, The imperfects got cancelled. It’s hard to watch new shows just die all the time.

7) Election Coverage (ABC)

English Audio Description?: No

This one is just for fun, but have we thought about having audio description on election results nights? So many times last night I wanted to hear actual numbers and percentages read off, but nothing. Totally kept this politics free, and simply a question as to why we don’t run live audio description for the blind audiences who want information. Even my mom, who sees pretty well, had a hard time reading the election results scrolling along the bottom. Accessibility fail, at least on ABC.

Episode? Grade: Unfortunate.

6) Celebrity Jeopardy (ABC/Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

this show makes me feel like a God. I’m starting to count the questions I didn’t know the answer to, and I think the whole night, there were ten questions. Not per round, but across three separate rounds, and final Jeopardy. It’s so frustrating when they can’t answer these questions right.

Episode Grade: B+

5) Quantum Leap (NBC/Peacock)

English Audio Description?: No

in a very tight race, where all my shows were technically good, this weeks winter finale of Leap was without audio description on peacock. So, it becomes the first casualty in this battle. I appreciated the episode and how he needed to save those kids, the cliffhanger was kinda lame, and it lacked audio description.

Final Grade: B+

4) Never Have I ever (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Davie threw a party to try and hook up with Dev, but we can clearly see that Paxton has feelings for her. What will happen? And then there’s Ben, who always remains a wildcard. For someone who claims to be a loser, she’s got three guys at varied levels of interest in her.

Episode Grade: A-

3) East New York (CBS/Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I’ll be honest and say this is not how I expected to be ranking this show. I think of CBS’s new fall shows, I was initially sight unseen most interested in So Help Me Todd, but East New York finds a new way to be interesting, and push back against a rather formulaic way of being a cop drama. This week’s episode about trying to find a missing boy incorporated new tactics on how to deal with people on the spectrum, as they don’t always respond the same way others do when interrogating them. Kudos.

Episode Grade: A-

2) F Five Days At memorial (Apple Plus)E

Mulish Audio Description?: Yes

Also, the show that makes me feel ways I’m not sure I’m supposed to feel. I don’t even know what happened. When Horace opened up to Anna about her story, and how it differed from his experience, my mind was blown. I clearly remember the guy coming in and telling them to triage with colored bands. I remember the guy coming in and saying everyone would be evacuated if he had to pull them out himself, and then he still left people behind. It’s not that I believe what Anna may have or may not have done is right or wrong, but the show expressed it perfectly in a rant made to I guess make an excuse as to why Anna wouldn’t be blamed, because the city was reeling at so many systematic failures, that the idea that one doctor should be the blame for all of it was an impossibility. In this dramatized version, I would not have voted to prosecute, nor would I have found her guilty. There were a lot of people across this series who fucked up. A lot of people who didn’t do what they were supposed to do, made bad judgment calls, and left people to die. None of those people became the central focus of an 8 episode TV series. I think the point of the show was to anger people about something, but for me it reminded me less of there being this doctor out there who wasn’t convicted, but rather how little people who have money, who are safe, and who have all the power really care about human lives unless it benefits them to do so.

Episode Grade: A, Series Grade: A

1) The Patient (Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Coming in clutch on the Series Finale with that audio description. There’s nothing more we blind folk like than a series going on and off with audio description, just to slowly drive us into madness. But this final episode, because there was audio description, because I did understand it, and I felt every scene and moment… I can’t say it was anything less than perfect. It might not be the ending you wanted, but damn. It will make you feel a certain way. no spoilers here, but this one was something I did not see coming.

Episode Grade: A+, Series Grade: A-

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