10 Titles With Audio Description Included With prime To Make your Holidays Bright

Just like I did for Halloween titles, I’m trying to do for Christmas titles. I’m trying to select only titles with audio description, and I’m trying to get to 10. However, these are also recommendations, so I have to have actually seen the film, either with or without audio description (either before I lost my vision or after). I managed to get to 10 with Netflix, but not Paramount Plus or Hulu. Will Prime Video be different? They do have FreeVee.

1) Something From Tiffanys

I actually haven’t even gotten a chance to review this yet (I’m a little behind), but if I hadn’t seen this title, the answer would be zero. Based on the list over at the audio description project, the only titles Amazon offers that are Christmas related are all those kind of random Christmas movies that everyone seems to make, and I haven’t seen any of them. I believe there were only six anyway. If I recommended all six, I still couldn’t get to ten. The only major title, is A Madea Christmas, which is one of the Madea films I haven’t seen (and based on the ones I have, it’s unlikely I’d recommend it if I did.)


2) Last Holiday

Yes, this title is also available on paramount Plus. yes, iv’e already used this title on another service, but Amazon also has this title, and it has audio description. So if you fon’t have Paramount Plus, and want to see a charming holiday film with Queen Latifah and LL Coool J, it’s on Prime.

I’d love to say that Amazon just doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but with a quick look, that’s not true. They have several classics, just none of them appear to have audio description.

3) A Miracle On 34th Street (1947)

4) Scrooged

5) It’s A Wonderful Life

6) Jack Frost (i didn’t check to see if it was the Keaton version, or the horror version. Both are equally terrible but hilarious to watch in their own way)

7) Surviving Christmas- Remember that film where Ben Affleck paid a family to spend Christmas with him? it bombed at the box office. i didn’t hate it.

8) The Bishop’s Wife- If you saw The preacher’s Wife with Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston and didn’t know it was a remake, then this original film is for you.

9) Rise Of The guardians- I love this movie. The Technically, it’s on FreeVee.

10) Christmas With The Kranks- Another FreeVee title.

So, prime does have recognizable Christmas titles. just… without audio description.

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