Murder At Yellowstone City

Where I Watched It: AMC Plus

English Audio Description?: no

I do still watch AMC Plus films and shows from time to time, because I have a subscription. I have a subscription they actually gave me, knowing I was blind, to explore the service. They have almost no audio description, but in my initial conversations with their customer service reps, I was told they were expanding their audio description offerings, and would be revamping the app to make it work better with screen readers.

Neither of those things have happened. Their big new movie releases seem to always lack audio description, and I’ve given some of their shows a chance, and it seems to me audio description is not a priority. If it was, they would have audio description on interview With A vampire, a show that got a really early Season 2 pickup, and is supposed to be their next big thing. You would want the most people to watch your big new thing, especially as it starts it’s likely multi-season run. But, no.

So here I am on the last day of the year, talking once again about AMC Plus, and this random western crime thriller starring Old Spice, Gabriel Byrne, and Richard Dreyfuss. Now, I’m a big Dick Dreyfuss fan. He’s been Mr Hollanding my opus for years. This film was so unintelligible I missed his performance entirely. I don’t even know how that happened. he must have morphed his voice, or he sounds totally different in his old age. I think the last thing I saw him in was something terrible, like Luke Hemsworth’s Paranoia or something like that.

I did grade this film in my YouTube film, but this film, and a couple others really made me feel the need for a new grade. Or really, the lack thereof. I don’t mind sitting through these films to try and hold people accountable, and talk about how we still need accessibility as blind consumers, but to continue to fail films that might otherwise be good if they just had an audio description track is also not productive.

So congratulations on not being graded.

Final Grade: Unwatchable

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