Best Of 2022: Top 10 supporting Actress In A Drama Series

Working my way down to Top 10 was hard enough. Actually, cutting people to make a top 10 was a lot harder than picking my number one. Usually, that’s also a huge problem, but I knew who this would be when i started. I just didn’t know how 2-10 would shape up.

10) Yvonne Strahovski (The Handmaids Tale) Hulu

9 Ruth Jamil (Bridgerton) Netflix

8) Chantel VanSandt (For All Mankind) Apple Plus

7) Audra McDonald (The Good Fight) Paramount Plus

6) Rhea Seahorn (Better Call Saul) AMC

5) Ann Dowd (the Handmaids Tale) Hulu

4) Lisa Emery (Ozark) Netflix

3) Jennifer Coolidge (the White Lotus) HBo

2) Kelly Reilly (Yellowstone) Paramount

1) Julia Garner (Ozark) Netflix

Lots of people will be ineligible next year.And, with the production schedules for Handmaids Tale being what they are, this list could totally return with just Kelly Reilly and nine new nominees. That is, if Yellowstone actually makes the cut also like it typically does. Most of my nominees are either in shows that ended, or were killed off, or both. That should mean either next year is wide open, or Reilly runs away with it.

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