Best Of 2022: Top 10 Supporting Actors In A Science Fiction or Fantasy Series

So far, The Walking Dead won Ensemble for this category, and Sadie Singh won Supporting Actress for Stranger Things. Will either one of those shows repeat here? Or will a new hero rise?

10) Will Patton (Outer Range) Amazon

9) Josh McDermott (The Walking Dead) AMC

8) Jackson Robert Scott (Locke and Key) Netflix

7) Brett Gilman (Stranger Things) Netflix

6) Jensen Ackles (The Boys) Amazon

5) Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead) AMC

4) Stellan Skarsgard (Andor) Disney Plus

3) Paddy Considine (House Of the dragon) HBO MAX

2) Joseph Quinn (Stranger Things) Netflix

1) Mark Jackson (The Orville) Hulu

Jackson wins this. I love The Orville, and I hate the idea that it might be over. Jackson’s performance as issac obviously owes a lot to what Brett Spiner did with Data on The New Generation, but I think the student passed the mentor as Jackson dealt with some really complex issues, including suicide, and whether or not to totally reprogram himself so he can have emotions just to make Claire happy.

Quinn took the goofy, rather unlikable Eddie Munson and transformed him in just one season into someone we never thought whose death would impact us in that way. I don’t think if that scene had been given to Argyle that i would ahve cared, but seeing Eddie not survive the season was hard for us, even if he seemed like a tool at first.

The rest of the ten are all quite obvious. What Jeffrey Dean Morgan has done with Negan on The Walking Dead should be Emmy worthy. He took the least likable most obvious villain, and created someone we root for, and wanted to see make it out alive as he constantly stuck his neck out for a group of people that hated him in an effort to try and make up for even a fraction of what he had done in the past. But in Season 11, he was confronted by ghosts of his past, having to directly deal often with Maggie, and the manifestation of Glenn in their son Herschel. We got a flashback episode that explained who Lucille really was, and Negan was domesticated further when he showed up again after an absence with a pregnant wife, someone he obviously had let his entire guard down for. Of all the Walking Dead characters, I’m most happy that Dead City will give me the option to continue to follow his characters growth.

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