Best Of 2022: Top 10 Supporting Actress in A Science Fiction or Fantasy Series

A bit of a data dump and catch up today. After just making the list that put The Walking Dead as the best ensemble of 2022, because it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to, who will top this list? Am i going for a Walking Dead sweep?

10) Catherine Zeta Jones (Wednesday) Netflix

9) Imogen poots (Outer Range) Amazon

8) Cynthia Addyia Robinson (The Rings Of Power) amazon

7) Patty Guggenheim (She hulk) Disney Plus

6) Emma Myers (Wednesday) Netflix

5) Ruth Cod (The Midnight Club) Netflix

4) Olivia Cooke (The House Of The Dragon) HBo MAX

3) Penny Johnson Gerald (The Orville) Hulu

2) Karen Fukihara (The Boys) Amazon

1) Sadie Singh (Stranger Things) Netflix

Sadie was so good as Max this year she made an old Kate Bush song trend again on the radio. She took a supporting character from Season 3, who we took an instant shine to, and really fleshed her out, and gave her the kind of complex emotional depth that made us root for someone we knew for less time than the original cast. Even though Max was the newest entry, she became instantly irreplaceable.

It might seem odd to see Karen’s performance in the runner up spot considering her performance is largely non-verbal. I suppose it’s a testament to just how exceptional the audio description is on The Boys, as well as the writing for her character, who experienced a brief brush with mortality. She wasn’t sure how to feel about it, but she knew that she had been given the ability to keep Frenchie safe, and without words it was so easy to feel her performance this past year.

The rest of my top 10 are all terrific. From Penny Johnson Gerald’s performance as Claire, a doctor trying to navigate a relationship with an android, and given so many terrific scenes this past season in which to do so. or, to my two Wednesday picks. This was a hard list to cut down, but these ten performances were all strong.

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