The Too Much TV Lineup- 04/10/23

Sorry sports fans. I was a little busy today in real life. That makes the suspense of this list almost non-existent. However, even though I haven’t started watching the final season of Succession (it’s not like I need to jump in to get HBO to give it another season), I will tip my hat to the knowledge of the earth shattering and game changing third episode that will break me when I watch it. Without further ah-doo.

And yes, I know that’s not how you spell it.

I have a lot of extra space to fill this week with bad jokes.

3) Last Week Tonight (HBo MAX)

English Audio Description?: No

While I loved John Oliver uncovering the ridiculousness of what an HOA is, I sometimes feel like there’s so much going on currently, that he runs out of time in the front half. That, and with only 3 shows, this was the only without audio description. I have not yet been to to see if there is a real story there. I heard he was trolling, so I’m not wasting my time.

Episode Grade: A-

2) The Consultant (Amazon)

English Audio Description?: Yes

If you reached this episode, like me, and thought to yourself… oh God. Where is this show going with this? You’re not alone. This is the episode where Craig decides to find Frank, and let me tell you, this show has already been plenty bonkers. Christoph Waltz is really settling in to his role as a rather unsettling man who seems to lack a lot of human traits. Now that I know what I know from this episode, I’m expecting this to turn into a horror show at some point rather soon.

Episode Grade: A

1) Bel Air (Peacock)

English Audio Description?: yes

Look, I teach, and I know sometimes you gotta teach the ego kid a lesson and pull them out of something. But sometimes, you have to weigh doing so, and just how bad that one individual is, and if removing them hurts the others… then don’t do it. So, I really need to see that reflected in an episode when the Bel Air basketball team loses by like 50 points because Will got kicked off the team, and they’re eliminated so close to the playoffs or wherever they were in the season. Also, schools like Bel Air respond to continued pressure and social media outrage, and with Hilary and her platform, it seems odd to me that she hasn’t spoken out on Black Teachers Matter, nor ahve any of the other kids at the school turned up the heat. Did they get their teacher back? Was there any change? no? Then why did they stop, and why are they bowling? Also, while we’ve known Doc is shady for a while now, i don’t need the constant reminder at the end of every episode. We get it. However, the Jazz and Hilary stuff was nice, Ashley is underutilized, and Carlton’s big reveal was a solid moment. My favorite part was when he deleted Yasmine’s texts. You deserve better. Good job.

Episode Grade: A

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