The Too Much TV Roundup- 04/26/23

CBS let go most of the series regulars of Bob Hearts Abishola so the show would be cheap enough to be worth continuing. I don’t watch that, but for those that do that has to suck.

8) The Golden Girls (ABC/hulu)

English Audio Description?: No

I think the writing got a little sloppy at the end. This is near the end of Season 5, where Rose’s former flame Buzz is in town, but unbeknownst to everyone, there’s already a man in her life. And let me tell you, this guy opens the front door with the confidence of a series regular. I felt like I was being gaslit into believing Rose was dating this guy for the last five seasons. Side note: I believe someone should make a St. Olaf show based on everything Rose has ever said about her old stomping ground. Sounds like an insane place to live.

Episode Grade: B

7) Extrapolations (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

What an incredibly bleak future. Basically in under 20 years, we will be able to have full conversations with whales, but we also will have killed all of them off except one due to climate change. Also, a bunch of other animals will go extinct in the next 20 years, but at least we can talk to them? Pretty sure Meryl Streep voices the whale.

Episode Grade: B

6) School Spirits (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I’m starting to get a Pretty Little Liars reboot vibe from this show, where the “adult” actors aren’t good, but the teens are. Plus, this episode really went nowhere except to introduce a ton of questions. Wally’s backstory was explored more in depth, and that helped.

Episode Grade: B+

5) The Rookie Feds (ABC/hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

john Nolan had ONE job. To watch the kid. Jesus. Anyway, the audio description made watching this episode while eating super fun.Nothing like hearing about dismemberment while gobbling dinner. Hah. This still hasn’t been renewed, and i don’t think it will be. Though, this was one of the better episodes, even if it featured an incredibly lazy run in at a hospital between Simone and her father. They live in Los Angeles for Christ’s sake.

Episode Grade: B+

4) Agent Elvis (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

This is growing on me. Don Cheadle is doing some great work, as is Matthew McConaghey. Nice moon landing references in here.

Episode Grade: A-

3) The Rookie (ABC/hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I liked how everyone, including Smitty, seemed to be featured somehow. That’s a balancing act. But, they worked multiple stories and angles rather well, except perhaps giving Chen an abrupt exit from her undercover post.

Episode Grade:A-

2) Ted Lasso (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I loved the stuff with Sam. I loved the stuff with Keely and Jack. I loved how Jamie had the revelation that saved everything. The only reason that this show is in second is that it’s hard for me to believe that the whole thing with red string made sense to the writers, considering all the progress they’ve made with Ted. I just don’t buy that he’s still in a place where he would have made that call. As funny as it was to come up with, it took me out of this episode.

Episode Grade: A-

1) 911 lone Star (FOX/hulu)

English Audio description?: no

That means, the top show had no audio description. But this weeks episode of Lone Star was really great. Cap recruited Paul to help him prove Kendra’s innocence after he started to believe what she was saying, and that she wasn’t a black widow. Turned out… well… i don’t want to spoil it for you. But this episode had so many twists. And, in the B-plot, Gina Torres had some really great moments. So, all things considered, this was a great episode for this show, and the best thing I saw this day, even if parts were hard to understand without audio description.

Episode Grade: A

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