Weekend Box Office: ‘Ghostbusters’ in Second

Depending on how you feel about 46M for Ghostbusters, it either did just fine, or it disappointed. It definitely didn’t overperform. The big question seems to be “will we see a Ghostbusters 2”, and that question will be answered once we see if the film has legs. Melissa McCarthy traditionally has a 3X multiplier on her films, which would put Ghostbusters around 140M, which isn’t too shabby. If the film does well overseas, I could easily see a sequel being greenlit.

The big story this weekend was The Secret Life Of Pets, which broke the 200M mark in 10 days, which is pretty amazing for an original concept. Props to the marketing team for making this happen. The Legend Of Tarzan is also holding pretty well, having just crossed 100M. It actually crossed 100M before Independence Day 2 did. That’s the big shocker.

The Infiltrator failed to infiltrate the box office, landing in 8th place.

Next weekend, three new movies all hope to explode at the box office. Ice Age: Collision Course is coming from a franchise where every picture has made at least 41M on opening weekend, and Star Trek Beyond saw its first two entries open at 75M and 70M respectively. Add to that the incredibly buzzy Lights Out, and we have potential for 3 big openings this weekend, coupled with Pets and Ghostbusters sure to make at least 20M a piece.

The big question is, with all this madness, how high can Ice Age and Star Trek go? Will Ice Age be hurt badly by Pets? Will Star Trek be hurt by Ghostbusters? Right now, Lights Out is at 100%, and Star Trek Beyond is at 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. Ice Age seems most vulnerable, sitting at 16%.

1) The Secret Life Of Pets- 50.5M Weekend, 203.1M Total
2) Ghostbusters- 46M Weekend, 46M Total
3) The Legend Of Tarzan- 11.1M Weekend, 103M Total
4) Finding Dory- 11M Weekend, 445.5M Total
5) Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates- 7.5M Weekend, 31.3M Total
6) The Purge 3- 6M Weekend, 71M Total
7) Central Intelligence- 5.3M Weekend, 117.5M Total
8) The Infiltrator- 5.3M Weekend, 6.7M Total
9) The BFG- 3.7M Weekend, 47.3M Total
10) Independence Day 2- 3.4M Weekend, 98.5M Total

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