London Has Fallen

Starring: Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, Radha Mitchell, Robert Forster, Jackie Earle Haley, Melissa Leo, Charlotte Riley
Directed By: Babak Najafi

So this is a franchise now? In the grand tradition of Die Hard, comes a secret service agent who keeps protecting a President who is repeatedly targeted for assassination? How many times is Mike Banning (Butler) going to save President Asher (Eckhart)? With a worldwide gross of 195M, which is actually above the 161M the first one made, it’s entirely possible we will see a third attempt on President Asher’s life. I mean, what else are Aaron Eckhart and Gerard Butler doing? Gods of Egypt 2? I Still Frankenstein?

The first film waged war against the similarly themed White House Down, which did not produce a sequel. So, now the sequel is in Die Hard territory, and we have to just accept the probability that something like this would happen again to the same people. If you follow that mentality, then good for you. It was almost impossible for me to believe this film had any basis in reality.

I don’t have a problem with the cast. I think they all did admirable work. My problem is that a terrorist attack of this magnitude went unnoticed, especially considering the current President already had a highly publicized assassination attempt. Maybe if it was a different President, or the Vice-President, but come on.

The fight choreography is good, but the visual effects not so much. Each one of the destructions looks like it came from a video game. The one in the water especially, but the cars falling off the bridge was pretty bad too. These are SyFy level special effects in a major feature. Why bother at all if you can’t get it right?

London Has Fallen is what I would call “marginally entertaining”, meaning it beats sitting alone in a quiet room for two hours just staring at a wall, or channel surfing through whatever bullshit programming is on at 3AM in the morning. You should feel in no need to rush to see this. It’s probably best caught on cable, even if it means watching an edited version. They didn’t spend a lot of money on this, so why should you?


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