Box Office Predictions: How High Can ‘Suicide Squad’ Go?

Suicide Squad is aiming to be the highest opener for August, ever. That title is currently held by Guardians of the Galaxy at 94.3M. However, Fandango is reporting that Suicide Squad’s advance sales are way past that, and that it is the fastest selling August release in the history of Fandango. It also is reportedly outselling Deadpool which made 132.4M in February. So, naturally, numbers like 140-150M are being thrown around.

However, it has a 33% on Rotten Tomatoes. So… there’s that. The question is, how much will poor reviews factor in, and is that score going to slide up at all, or down? If it continues to worsen, then I don’t think 150M is a possibility. If the film gets down below 20%, I think the word of mouth will kill it by Sunday, and the growth will be stunted around 130M tops. If it can elevate above 40%, then sure, I’d say 150M.

The other new release is Nine Lives, with Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Garner. I don’t expect much, but it is a family film, and it should do OK while kids are out of school. Universal has already announced and dated The Secret Life Of Pets 2 for July 13th, 2018.

1) Suicide Squad- 140M Weekend, 140M Total
2) Jason Bourne- 27M Weekend, 110M Total
3) Bad Moms- 14M Weekend, 49M Total
4) Star Trek: Beyond- 12M Weekend, 130M Total
5) The Secret Life Of Pets- 12M Weekend, 320M Total
6) Nine Lives- 10M Weekend, 10M Total
7) Ice Age 5- 6.5M Weekend, 54M Total
8) Lights Out- 6M Weekend, 55M Total
9) Ghostbusters- 5.5M Weekend, 116M Total
10) Nerve- 5M Weekend, 25M Total

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