Friday Box Office: ‘Don’t Breathe’ Chokes ‘Suicide Squad’

Don’t Breathe exploded this weekend, giving Screen Gems their highest opening of August. Also, the film managed a pretty impressive feat, getting a B+ cinemascore, which is great for horror titles. B+ is basically an A in this genre. The other new wide entry, Mechanic Resurrection flopped, with only 6.8M in weekend.

Of the holdovers, Bad Moms continues to be a force, dropping only 32%. At the end of the weekend, it should be at 95M, which puts it a lock for 100M. Jason Bourne held well, dipping 38%. On the other end, Ben Hur fell 61%, adding insult to injury. It’s almost out of the Top 10. Sausage Party continues to struggle in the long game, falling another 53$.

The other two new releases from last weekend are seeing mixed results. Kubo is projected to drop 42%, which isn’t too bad, but War Dogs fell 56%. Two new films also opened in moderate release, but Southside With You is crushing Hands Of Stone. 1.8M does not bode well for a wide expansion next weekend.

1) Don’t Breathe- 10M Friday, 22.4M Weekend
2) Suicide Sqaud- 3.3 Friday, 11.5M Weekend
3) Kubo- 1.9M Friday, 7.2M Weekend
4) Sausage Party- 2.3M Friday, 7.2 Weekend
5) Pete’s Dragon- 1.8M Friday, 6.8M Weekend
6) Mechanic Resurrection- 2.5M Friday, 6.8M Weekend
7) War Dogs- 1.9M Friday, 6.5M Weekend
8) Bad Moms- 1.7M Friday, 5.4M Weekend
9) Jason Bourne- 1.4M Friday, 5M Weekend
10) Ben Hur- 1.3M Friday, 4.4M Weekend
??) Hell Or High Water- 988K Friday, 3.4M Weekend
??) Southside With You- 1M Friday, 3M Weekend
??) Hands Of Stone- 626K Friday, 1.8M Weekend

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