The Too Muchn TV Roundup

Here’s a roundup of everything I had an opportunity to watch last week, and the top ten shows I want to talk about, or recommend the most. As a reminder, there’s far too much TV for me to watch, so I’m perpetually behind, so some newer series I haven’t even started yet because I’m still trying to clear my list. you may be further behind or ahead of me. But I promise I consume a ton of media.

1) Moon knight (Disney Plus)

Audio Description Available?: Yes

Once again, moon Knight tops my list of shows I feel the immediate need to talk about. This week we were treated to more of this Steven doesn’t know what’s going on, as it starts melting with giving the audience more clarity on the direction of the series. especially considering the kind of show and structure here, I’m quite impressed with the audio description, as well as just the general tone and direction of the series. And Oscar Issac is terrific as usual.

2) The Legend Of Vox Machina (Amazon)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

An example of how far behind I am. I just wrapped the 12 episode 1st Season of this Dungeons and Dragons inspired show. I loved every minute, even though Dungeons and Dragons is not my thing. I thought each one of these characters had very distinct personalities and traits as well as voice work that truly elevated this show to something else. Always action packed, full of off color humor, and surprises, Vox Machina was absolutely an out of nowhere surprise from Amazon that i was more than happy to follow. Here’s hoping for a second season.

3) The Thing About Pam (NBC/hulu/Peacock)

English Audio Description Available: On Some Platforms

I added this show into the mix last week because of Renee Zellweger’s performance, and it’s only getting better as we move closer to the finale. There’s one episode left, and she’s incredible. The show itself is solid, but she makes it all worth watching. Binge it now, and prepare for the finale tomorrow night.

4) Abbott Elementary (ABC/Hulu)

English Audio Description Available?: On most episodes.

It’s been a nice surprise to sit down with the ensemble of Abbott Elementary, the first sitcom to truly be able to spiritually follow The Office and Parks and Recreation and actually understand what made those shows work. But with a completely different and engaging ensemble, Abbot elementary is one of the best new sitcom entries this season. It also wraps tomorrow night.

5) American Idol (ABC/Hulu)

English Audio Description Available?: No

Just another friendly reminder to ABC that it would be nice if their big singing competition had audio description. I have no idea what these singers look like, and next week you want my vote. At this point, this feels more like The Voice than American Idol, because I can only judge them on their vocals, and I have nothing else except some sad backstories to go off of.

6) Halo (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

As halo continues to try and world build, it makes me long for that amazing action sequence from the first episode. I really hope this series makes good on the promise it gave us in the beginning, because as exciting it may be to watch a sassy Cortana integrate with Master Chief, I need more things that actually remind me of the video game. And I have a feeling fans of the franchise do too.

7) Our Flag Means Death (HBO MAX)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Another obligatory post. I’ve pretty much included this show in my top 10 every week because I look forward to my one episode each week. I know it must be ending soon, I must be close to the end, but I loved the absurdity of watching the scene where he’s going through all those different pieces of silverware and trying to explain what each one does. This show is perfection.

8) Severance (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Another show that has really surprised me is Severance, which I’m a little behind (because they dropped multiple episodes in week one), but I’m still so invested in this series. is this the best thing Ben Stiller has ever directed? That’s a serious question, because it just might be. Thanks to Apple for giving it a second season. now, go renew Schmigadoon and swagger.

9) Bus Down (Peacock)

English Audio Description Available?: no?

What an odd choice to not have audio description on a Peacock original. I mean, the jokes are still hilarious, because this is such an inappropriate comedy you can’t help but laugh, but I’m calling out peacock. Whre’s the audio description?

10) Julia (HBO MAX)

English Audio Description Available/: Yes

Just in case you missed my shout out last week, here’s another one. HBO MAX is killing it with original content, and they’re just gonna have to renew everything. I’m so glad to see David Hyde pierce back. i feel like I haven’t seen him in ages.

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