The Too Much TV Roundup- May 24th

Yesterday was definitely a much better day in terms of the quality of programming watched. Coming up with who gets the top spot was actually a challenge.

1) Julia (HBOMAX)

English Audio Description Available: Yes

Ultimately, I chose Julia, whose first season was a pleasant surprise on many levels. And since this was the season finale, and the other contenders for the top spot were not quite there yet, I landed on Julia, which will be returning for a second season. Sarah Lancashire needs to be a serious contender for a nomination this year, as well as David Hyde Pierce whose Paul is so damn perfect he’ll make you question your own relationship goals. And seeing him opposite his former Frasier co-star Bebe Neuwirth has been a nice throwback, and she has also been great. Really, this cast is terrific, and I hope it does well at the Emmy nominations this year.

Episode Grade: A, Season 1 Grade: A

2) Reacher (Amazon)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

The 7th, and penultimate episode of the inaugural season of Reacher was once again fantastic, and action packed. I’ve loved every episode, and it all feels like I’m watching the longest and best movie. Everything is always perfectly paced, and Alan Ritchson has done a great job giving us a Jack Reacher that’s nothing like what Tom Cruise gave us. The twist at the end of the finale, I predicted, but only about halfway through the episode. So, I think I was just picking up on what they were throwing down.

Episode Grade: A

3) Russian Doll (Netflix)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

In the 4th episode of Season 2, i was reminded that Alan was still in the show, as he time travelled back to a divided Germany, fell in love, and had his heart broken. Meanwhile, Nadia should be careful with her words. At first, she swears off time traveling, only to go back one more time to the 80’s. Only this time, it’s not the 80’s, but rather much earlier. And much more dangerous.

Episode Grade: A

4) The G Word With Adam Conover (Netflix)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Adam explains parts of the government that work or don’t work. It’s not a political hit, so anyone should be able to watch this, unless the Obama cameo at the beginning causes you to have seizures. The first episode centers around the USDA and our meat inspection primarily, but also how certain foods reach our tables, and what exactly that food pyramid thing is, and why you can’t trust it.

Episode Grade: A-

5) American Idol (ABC/Hulu)

English Audio Description Available?: No

Well, that is a wrap on Season 20. Overall, I wish they had gotten more alumni to come back. How many did they actually offer? where was Fantasia? Jennifer Hudson? Haley Reinhart? Katherine McPhee? Roderick Hall? This show has produced a lot more success stories than it was claiming, inviting some people back who are decidedly less famous, and more. Recent in terms of seasons. Season 20 is the opportunity to brag about the bestt of the best, and remind people that the new Jack Reacher started out on American Idol (true Story). And, while I’m Ok with Noah winning, and I understand it. He’s fine. It was really obvious this entire season was set up for Hunter Girl, a narrative I bought into, and I still believe she’s headed for an actual career.

Episode Grade: A-, Season 20 Grade: B+

6) Minx (HBO MAX)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

In the season’s penultimate hour, the Minx gang faces backlash as their magazine finally becomes popular. It also ends with a great final line. All hail the Queen of Dick. I don’t know is minx can get in the Emmy race this year, but I feel like it deserves some love and recognition.

Episode Grade: A-

7) Frasier (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description Available?: No

Another rerun, but a delightful one where Frasier dealt with Sam breaking up with him in a way that amounts to spiraling, eventually realizing he enjoyed the lifestyle she afforded him more than he did her.

Episode Grade: B+

8) Jeopardy (Syndication)

English Audio Description Available: No

You know I had a solid day when Jeopardy ends up at the bottom. Ryan logged his 10th win, in what seemed like a rough night for everyone. Myself included, as I only got 10 right, the lowest score since I started posting this and admitting my scores. And I didn’t get Final either. I definitely would have lost.

Episode Grade: B

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