The Too Much TV Roundup- July 17th

It seems like a lot of TV until you realize how many of these are actually half hour shows.

1) Girls5Eva (Peacock)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

It takes a lot to dethrone my pick for Best Comedy, something that manages to elude Emmy voters (probably because it’s on Peacock). In the 7th episode, Wiki fell for a Lunch lord who she thought would be her basic whisperer and teach her the ways common folk think. Add to that an always a welcome appearance by Andrew Rannells, and a song that was basically just the girls asking each other if they were ready to start singing, and this was still a perfect half hour of television.

Episode Grade: A

2) The Offer (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

A series that has made me question many an interpretation of how to play a well known figure has never made me question just how good Matthew Goode is as Robert Evans, and in this episode that dealt with the fallout of the shooting of joe Columbo (Giovanni Ribisi doing his best “don’t smoke” commercial interpretation), wasn’t really about Evans, yet every scene Goode was on screen he bled for it. Whether it was the manic way he asked his screenwriter to summarize Chinatown, then regurgitated a shit version of that later on in a pitch meeting, when earlier in the season we saw how brilliantly he sold The Godfather, or whether he was confronting Ruddy about a phone call he swears happened but never did, Goode was unraveling Robert Evans in front of our eyes. How he was passed over a nomination this year in favor of the entire cast of the White Lotus is just, quite frankly, sad.

Episode Grade: A

3) Only Murders In the Building (Hulu)

English audio Description Available?: Yes

The episode started brilliantly, focusing on Martin Short interviewing a bird for a podcast, and then got creative as we followed Bunny through her last day alive.Have you figured out the killer yet?

Episode Grade: A

4) The Lincoln Lawyer (Netflix)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

It was a little heavy handed at the end with all that “sometimes the answer is right in front of you” crap. He repeats that phrase in various forms like 4 different times in the span of about two minutes in case the audience is brain dead. Just trust your damn audience. You know, this is a tv show that was based on a book, that was already made into a movie. You’re not reinventing the wheel here. It’s actually possible that your audience knows what’s up, and you’re not a clever as you think.

Episode Grade: A-

5) Roar (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

one of my favorite episodes of Roar so far dealt with a wife returning her husband to the store, like he was something she could buy, that had a warranty and stuff. Considering how frequently during Roar the women do not have the power, it was nice to see an episode where a woman was actually close to a full on Roar.

Episode Grade: A-

6) That Damn Michael Che (HBo MAX)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

I’m not really sure what this episode was about, I just remember a party that Che threw, and no one came. I’m here mostly for the one off jokes, none of which I remember, but I do remember laughing a few times.

Episode Grade: B+

7) The Essex Serpent (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Everyone is still traumatized by the death in the last episode, and we do open with a sequence on the boat suggesting something dangerous is in the water. i do not know where this is headed, and I’m not nearly as committed as I feel like I should be. Tom Hiddleston and Claire Danes are doing good work though.

Episode Grade: B

8) Conversations With Friends (Hulu)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

In one of those shows about nothing, the most interesting thing was watching one of the main girls get ghosted by a guy and not really understand that it was even happening. I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of this show is, nor do I really care about anyone in it. Will I finish the season? I don’t know. The acting is fine, it’s just the show itself is… meh.

Episode Grade: C+

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