The Too Much TV Roundup- August 23rd

Still pretty busy in real life, so a rather low amount of shows entered the thunder dome today. One show very much came out alive.

Spoiler Warning.

1) The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

So this 1 episode a week thing meant that 10 weeks later, I’ve finally finished Season 3 of The umbrella Academy. I haven’t seen an official pickup for a 4th season, but even if Netflix goes 4 and done, they will go 4, or I’ll be calling them on the daily until they do. Right now, I’m going to assume the writers have plans, which is why this show is at the top. But, if this was to serve as a series finale, it would be actually terrible. No, that’s not up for debate. That’s not a critical opinion.

Where is Sloane? And, this is coming from the guy who didn’t think that she would survive Season 3, but apparently, she did. She’s nowhere to be found. Now, you could say the timeline was reset and the Sparrow-verse never happened, except instead of getting THEIR version of Ben back, they still very clearly have Sparrow-version. So, that doesn’t work here. Oh, she died. So did others. Luther actually died before ever making it into Oblivion. At least Slone made it in. So, sadly Netflix, you’re gonna have to go with a new season. I’d also really love to know how Allison got a husband from one timeline and a daughter from the other. And, is that Hargreaves an alien? or human? I’m actually far less interested in what happened to their powers, obviously that was sucked away. Although, again the argument could be that Luther would still have powers, as he was never a part of that event. He was already dead. So whatever sacrifice everyone else made, he didn’t make it. So, like I said, Netflix can cancel the show and leave it as the worst written finale ever, or order a fourth season. But the fact that I’ve thought this much about it, means it’s a great *SEASON* Finale, it’s just a shitty Series finale.

Episode Grade, For Now: A, Season 3 Grade: A

2) Rutherford Falls (Peacock)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Always the bridesmaid, a rather fun and heartfelt episode set at Halloween found Nathan meeting what will hopefully be his future in-laws, who think he’s a buffoon. But, by letting them think he is, he honored the wishes of his baby mama, and that’s what matters. I really didn’t even need the B storyline about where the teens were trick or treating, or the nonsense with the condiment costumes. The honesty of everything Ed Helms did in this episode reminded me that not only does he have great comedic timing, but he also has the ability to land that gut punch emotionally that lets you know he’s fully aware he’s the butt of the joke, and he’s not the first choice, but in spite of that, he still really wants to be.

Episode Grade: A

3) Physical (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Good. now that they have their money, Tyler and bunny can exit the show. I know I mention every week, that this show has the worst supporting cast. I’m actually afraid to remind myself who they are, in case I like any of them as actors. Rose Byrne carries this show on her shoulders, with her performance being terrifyingly damaged and empowered at the same time. She’s obviously fucked up, but she also will fuck you up. And she does it all with class. I’m anxious to know why she wants the world to see the tape, but we will find out next episode I guess. She’s probably self sabotaging, which would track, especially after her husband tried to intervene. Maybe she has a real plan.

Episode Grade: B+

4) Maggie (Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

in the 3rd episode, I bounce back and forth on what’s going on with this ensemble as well, especially as there seem to be a lot of characters we need to keep track of in a show where the show is titled after one person. I did like Angel last week, and this week, Maggie’s father was interesting enough, but her actual friends and romantic entanglements are struggling to function as characters in this universe in an episode revolving around Maggie having a vision of one of her friends and trying to hide it from them. Although, the song at the end of the episode made up for a lot. If we are going to have a dumb male character on the show, at least he can write songs inspired by Phoebe Buffet.

Episode Grade: B+

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