The Too Much TV Roundup- August 22nd

i squeezed some shit in today just for you. Yes, you. You are special.

1) House Of The Dragon (HBo/HBO MAX)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I could do with a dial back on the campaign for this show, as I thought the pilot spoke for itself. It featured a great way to introduce us to characters we don’t know, in a world we are familiar with, make us care about them, show us who the major players are, and give us that Game of Thrones dread where anyone can die at anytime. Perfectly executed with lots of heart and tons of brutality, House Of The Dragon really has a unique opportunity to be its own thing, in a way not even Better Call Saul ever could, as that series still featured a character from the original. With an all new cast, this is much more Fear The Walking Dead, and is already in one episode better than the entire run of that show.

Episode Grade: A

2) Love Victor (Hulu/Disney Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I’ve been a little hard on Victor this season, but this episode, where he and Benji accidentally end up dating each other again for a night, was charming and heartbreaking. I could really feel from Michael Cimino’s performance his longing to make everything right, and to fix the Benji mess so things can go back to the way things were. But it’s far more complex than that, and he learns that in the end. Meanwhile, his sister is dealing with parents in a way no child should actually want to deal with parents, or have to. Just when I think Victor’s mom and dad are making strides, they get mad over birth control. The possession of contraception? Are we really making that a thing? Is that the message we want to send out into the world, is for kids to not bother trying to even hide contraception because your parents might find it? That’s a toxic angle. Luckily, this was the B storyline, cause it dragged the episode down.

Episode Grade: A-

3) Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (HBo/HBo MAX)

English Audio Description?: No

John Oliver took a shot at HBO MAX for not being a streaming service, but a tax write off, and that was hilarious enough for me.

Episode Grade: A-

4) The Lincoln Lawyer (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

This case is in the bag, but Trevor still wants to take the stand. is he literally the worst client ever? Yes. yes he is.

Episode Grade: A-

5) A League Of Their Own (Amazon)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Well, the introduction of Nick offerman’s character was deeply underwhelming. He can do a lot better than that, and instead came in doing a 180 to what Tom Hanks did. Apparently, girls can play baseball, and they get a coach who is fine with that. We won’t hear that iconic “there’s no crying in baseball” line. This TV show is doing everything it possibly can to not be the movie, but it’s all at a detriment except for Max’s storyline. There’s a reason the movie is so iconic that you’re making a TV show 30 years later. Don’t run from the source material so damn much.

Episode Grade: B-

6) The Summer I Turned Pretty (Amazon)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Jeremiah has an idea of why his mother can’t act, I mean, why she’s more tired than usual, which might actually give this show purpose. This is still just a slightly better shot CW show that would have fit much better on The WB right after 7th Heaven or Dawson’s Creek. But, I’m also sure it wouldn’t have lasted more than 1 or 2 seasons. So, more like Summerland.

Episode Grade: C+

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