The Too Much TV Rounup- September 24th

After hearing some of my friends discussing the show on Facebook, as well as seeing the reaction by the families of the victims, I have no plan to watch Ryan Murphy’s Dahmer at any point. Which is fine with me, since there are a billion shows I’m behind on.

1) The Orville (Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Well, I’ll give Seth macfarlane credit. he did write a season finale that could very well still lead into a fourth season. There are places they could go, but also this could serve as a light series finale if needed. It’s not the series finale we deserve, as it doesn’t wrap up storylines, but it does leave us on an optimistic point. Watching the third season of The Orville has felt somewhat like a honor bestowed upon me. It’s been a heck of a ride, and my only hope is that Macfarlane and Hulu can continue this journey together.

Episode Grade: A, Season 3 Grade: A

2) Beavis and Butthead (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

One of the only shows I watch where I actually laugh out loud. This one got me when the boys went over the waterfall, smashed into the rocks, and Butthead still said “That was cool.” Sometimes, even they realized something sucks, but Butthead loved his near death experience. That, plus the Post Malone riffing was great.

Episode Grade: A

3) Rick and morty (Adult Swim)

English Audio Description?: no

Rick goes into a videogame full of Morty’s to try and extract his one true grandson, though they all technically are, then the whole thing starts following the plot of Die hard. Very on brand for this series.

Episode Grade: A-

4) Five Days At memorial (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I never thought I’d be hit with a jump scare from a hurricane, though this first episode was effective at that. You get some quieter moments, with smash cuts right into the roaring hellscape of Katrina. And, while the pilot does feature some set up, it launches pretty quickly into the shit. By the end of the first episode, things already are not great, and with more episodes to go, it can only get worse from here. It’s an odd show, because it has a very wide ensemble cast full of patients, doctors, nurses, and people seeking refuge at memorial. It doesn’t focus too heavily on the character drama or who is sleeping with who, it’s about this storm, and how things got bad really fast. Honestly, the most off putting thing to me was the actor playing the interviewing agent at the top of the episode who came in guns blazing to this doctor about the dead bodies, shocked at how this could ahve happened. I don’t know dude. Did you look outside? Have you been to the ninth ward? Who the fuck is that guy? Get him out of here. Aggressively demanding info from doctors and nurses every episode is going to make me only angrier at him, when I should be focusing on the event.

Episode Grade: B+

(And honestly, if that actor doesn’t calm down, and is featured in every episode, this show will never reach an A grade. His ass better have a character arc.)

5) A League Of Their own (Amazon)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Fina-fucking-ly this show actually started doing it’s function. Jesus h Christ. Six episodes. Finally, we heard from someone on the Peaches that they actually love baseball. They’re not just here for some mysterious reason, or to hook up with lesbians, but they have a real passion for the sport. Jo’s monologue before leaving about how this is her first real shot, and she’s a star, and she’s not throwing it away no matter how much Greta protests was the first time someone other than max actually expressed interest in this damn sport. And the series became better for it. On the other hand, Greta just kind of zombie walked through the remainder of the episode, never answering if SHE liked baseball, or she just followed jo. Also, by having the two girls still on the hunt for their missing teammate, it allowed for more of the supporting cast of Peaches who are not Carson or Greta to expand their characters. Then, Carson’s husband returned and added another layer. Plus, Max not only discovered herself, but the girl she likes is actively playing ball, and this lights that fire back in her, and Max finally gets on a mound during a game. All in all, this was the best episode of the series so far, but it shouldn’t have taken six episodes to establish that this show was about baseball, or that there is an ensemble here worth exploring in detail.

Episode Grade: B+

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