The Too Much TV Roundup- October 6th

I hard a really great day overall full of solid television, and I’m here to sing some universal praises.

1) Trying (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

The third season finale of Trying did everything it needed to do. It melted cold hearts everywhere. Seeing this family on their journey over the last three seasons has been great, and on the offside chance we never hear from them again, this season finale could satisfy as a series finale. it was so cute, so adorable, it made you root for characters you loved already even more than you thought could be possible. And talk about classy. Inviting Bev to join the wacky family of related and found friends was a nice move. Overall, adding Ter and Princess to the season was a game changer, but in all the right ways. My heart couldn’t stand it when her reasoning for Tyler not wanting to wear his mittens outside was because he didn’t want his mittens to get cold. OMG. These are the most adorable children ever.

Episode Grade: A+, Season 3 Grade: A

2) New Amsterdam (NBC/Peacock)

English Audio Description?: Yes

First, we do have to talk about one thing negative. NBC has switched the narration team, and it was noticeable. The new company, of which I’m not familiar, had a poorer quality to the sound of their audio description, as well as it not being nearly as engaging as before. It felt a step away from robodescription, like they’re cutting costs on the show by getting cheaper AD. That being said, a universally complex story was told, and in the very delicate and perfect way. At first, there was this seemingly disastrous wedding, and people with various ailments. Max spends the hour trying to find a rare blood donor, while Iggy spends the episode trying to get a young girl who is unharmed, but can’t speak, to let out her trauma. And when she does… I won’t spoil it, but she is a very shocking clue to what just happened. Powerful. The episode ends with Iggy headed home on a night that wasn’t his just so he could hold his kids, and Max curling up with Luna as she slept, just wanting to be with their kids. Damn. This episode hit me hard, and it’s little political statement about how this is a reality, and how the laws need to change… I don’t give out a lot of A+ grades, and certainly not in the same day, but I’d be remiss to not reward New Amsterdam for an hour of television that tested everyone.

Episode Grade: A+

3) She Hulk (Disney plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Daredevil. I mean, yeah, some other stuff happened. It was funny. It was action packed. There was a court case. Jen broke the fourth wall in hilarious fashion, addressing even that next week is the season finale, but really this episode brought Daredevil back. not just Matt, not just Charlie Cox as Matt Murdoch, but actual Daredevil, in costume, fighting.

Episode Grade: A

4) The Good Doctor (ABC/Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

You know, I had actually forgotten where we last left off. I was even confused by the trigger warning at the top of the episode. I figured it was a new storyline. Then i remembered, lin and the other doctor were left bleeding out, and a mad man was on the loose. The following hour had a lockdown, an active shooter, and doctors trying in impossible situations to perform surgeries on their own people with limited staff and equipment. I would say that everything worked out in the end, but as we saw in those final moments, that’s not true. I should also say, as a long term TV watcher, when a medical drama attempts an active shooter episode, my mind always floats back to Grey’s Anatomy, and their absolutely terrifying and hard to watch episode that did not pull punches, and caused a few cast members to check out.

Episode Grade: A

5) The Connors (ABC/Hulu)

English Audio Description?: No

So we are doing that thing where we only describe some of the episodes? Cool. Cool. Thanks, ABC. This is why we can’t have nice things. The half hour was normal for this show, with Mark wanting to get a drivers license so he can get to his new job, and Becky swooping in and ruining things for her niece, who doesn’t realize she’s about to go out with someone who Becky once dated, but can’t remember why they broke up.

Episode Grade: B+

6) The Masked Singer (FOX/Hulu)

English Audio Description?: No

I gave this show an F last week, believing the new format was that Amber Riley (if you haven’t figured that out yet, you’re slow) has had to sing for her life every single week. This week, it became more clear that it was just in these three episode blocks, which is still a stupid premise. She could have lost to someone who would have only eliminated 2 people, while she had already eliminated five. now, with 7 kicked out of the competition due to her, she’s headed to the semi finals. Why not the finals? God knows. Why do they have to constantly keep fucking with this format? I’ll back off a bit on my harshness, but the fact that someone could theoretically win two episodes, just to be beat out at the last minute, is still a dumb concept.

Episode Grade: C (Noramlly, I stop watching shows at this level, but I am invested in seeing Amber win this damn thing.)

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