The Curse Of Bridge hollow

Where I Watched it: Netflix

English Audio Description?: Yes

to be honest, I’m not sure why Netflix hasn’t made more films like this, expanding its own library of Halloween themed content, and potential franchises. There are a silly amount of horror titles for adults, but less content for the whole family. So, for Netflix to set out with Marlon Wayans and make their own hocus Pocus, I’m not surprised. And it wasn’t awful.

I also have to admit, I don’t know how this ends. I did fall asleep, having made this the second movie in a marathon behind a first film that wasn’t good and bored me to tears. I was already tired going in, but I found it charming. The idea that this family is moving to the small town of Bridge hollow, and the dad believes in science and everything has a scientific explanation, that’s a good set up for a film where he spends the duration fighting various different Halloween decorations come to life.

Netflix also keeps it in the family, by letting Erika from Stranger Things play the daughter, but Wayans is the draw here. in the adult cast, he’s backed by everyone from kelly Rowland to Mia Vardalos. And those Hocus Pocus comparisons are earned. In order fr all this to happen, someone needed to light a candle, just like in hocus Pocus.

Moral of the story? Stop lighting candles on Halloween.

Part of me realizes this is the kind of film Marlon Wayans would have made a spoof of with his brother years ago, but the other part appreciates that he’s grown up, and anchoring his own family friendly Halloween event. it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, and feels like every other damn family friendly Halloween film that has ever been themed about Halloween, but sometimes the mold doesn’t need reworking.

The audio description here was really good, as there are many different types of creatures to be fought throughout the movie, and each one gets their own attention to detail, whether it be zombies, spiders, clowns, or a football team of skeletons.

You could definitely do worse with your kids. That’s for sure. It’s nice to have something that isn’t aimed at the preschool crowd but also won’t give your kids nightmares. The Curse Of Bridge Hollow brings its Night At The museum sensibility to a holiday themed film, and it makes something worth watching at least once, and maybe even more times by your kids later.

Final Grade: B-

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