Blood Red Sky

Where I Watched It: Netflix

English Audio Description?: Yes

One of those films that actually has English Audio Description despite not being originally an English language feature. Go figure it happens to be a film about vampires on a plane and not some Italian artsy Oscar bait. Although, i did really want to see that Netflix film with Sophia Loren, but I guess we get what we get.

The official description for this film is misleading as hell. It makes the film sound like there’s a plane, some terrorists are on board, but they encounter a horror they weren’t ready for. Really, this film centers around the vampire, and while it takes the film a hot minute to use that term, it’s pretty obvious.

She’s flying overnight to try and get to a doctor who might be able to help her with her affliction. in the meantime, she keeps giving herself shots so she can stay level for her son, who is not a vampire. There’s a backstory, and the film does explore it.

The terrorists are actually the bad guys. It’s not like they suddenly become good because they are fighting a monster, although the film plays with that concept a lot. Who is the real monster? Who is the real danger? It’s not an easily answered question, as the film is a lot more complicated than just vampires on a plane. there’s no Samuel L Jackson here, just a mother who will rip the throat out of anyone threatening her son.

Sadly, instead of seeing her as a hero, most of the passengers see her as a monster, and it becomes a clusterfuck in mid air. That’s about as far as i can go without ruining any twists or turns this film has to offer.

It’s bloody, but in more of an action film way that happens to be centered around a vampire. Underworld would be a good comparison, although I would still say it’s a bit more violent. Most of the kills happen quickly, and it doesn’t linger on the gore. It feels like a Liam Neeson film, if he was a woman, a mother, German, and a vampire. But the vibe, is very much a Neeson action film.

It’s not perfect. The film tries to unnecessarily screw with you in the weirdest ways. Like, for example, the film opens in this crazy situation where the plane is on the tarmac and all these special agents are yelling, preparing to take shots, demanding hostages be released. Then this boy leaves the plane, and there’s no context. He’s just dead silent. He doesn’t speak. Because if he spoke, the film would make sense. Then, the film flashes back to where it all started, and it’s not until the timeline catches up to the boy that he feels like talking and finally relaying vital information. Like, Jesus kid. You are so useless.

It’s still fun, and it somehow feels unique. Hopefully we don’t remake this in the English language, and just let people watch this as is. I’m glad, that this Halloween season, after reviewing English language adaptations of Let The right One in and Goodnight Mommy, I am able to watch the original of something, as it was intended, just with English Audio Description.

Speaking of that description. It’s pretty solid, and most of the dub cast is good. I hate to shame kids, but the boy doing the voice over work here is the worst in the ensemble. Not that there aren’t some overzealous cops that are overacting. But they don’t ahve as big of a role.

If you’re looking for something a little different, not too scary, but bloody this Halloween, then check out Blood Red Sky.

Final Grade: B

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