Best Of 2022: My Top 10 Animated TV Shows

Continuing on with my celebration of 2022, I’m turning to Animated TV Shows. This list was hard to make. It’s the first time I’ve not included South Park. I love that show to death, but I need it to figure out it’s life. The low episode count being supported by these Paramount Plus specials that were just OK didn’t do it favors. So for the first time, probably ever, I left it out of my top 10. Also, a lot of other animated shows I watch, from The Great North to Chicago Party Aunt didn’t make the cut.

10) Rick And Morty (Adult Swim)

No audio description here, but I’ve been a fan of this show since back in my eyesight days. I do feel like it’s getting a little repetitive, and trapped in this multiverse lifestyle. I miss the humor from the earlier seasons. I wouldn’t be surprised if this missed out next year, especially if it keeps going on without audio description.

9) Little Demon (FX/Hulu)

This had a solid ensemble, a season long arc, and Danny Devito. What it lacked was audio description. Doing only the final episode of the season is not helpful. Having to wait nine episodes to get one episode of audio description is lazy and offensive. But, the show that’s created by actual artists, was better than i expected it to be.

8) Archer (FX/Hulu)

Another long time favorite of mine. Archer very much fluctuates with every season, and some years would not make the list, and others would be higher. it needs audio description, there’s just too much action.

7) The Legend of Vox Machina (Amazon)

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy a Dungeons and Dragons inspired animation. in fact, i thought I’d like The Boys Diabolical a lot more, but look at which one made the cut. It’s this one. It had comedy, adventure, and heart. I’m so excited for the second season. Catch up on it before it returns later this month.

6) Fairfax (Amazon)

If you’re chasing clout, this Amazon series about waiting in line for special edition drops, finding the best swag, and existing as a youth in todays society is surprisingly smart, well written, and a lot funnier than big Mouth. You can be edgy without making your audience uncomfortable. Fairfax proves that.

5) Harley Quinn (HBo MAX)

One of my solid favorites. This season got a little weird, I’m not gonna lie, and my enjoyment of the show can sometimes bee tied to how much Bane we get. Bane needs his own show. But this past season, we did get that Joker episode, where he was just trying to be your average dad. if HBo MAX cancels this show, i swear to God…

4) Undone (Amazon)

I do believe we have told the full story here. No need for another season. This show has a beginning middle and end, and it was such a change of pace for this rotoscoped animated drama to even exist. If you missed Undone, it’s definitely a trip.

3) Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous (Netflix)

Five seasons, and I’m gonna miss those kids. I legitimately believe this show is better than Fallen kingdom and Dominion. It wasn’t dumbed down for kids. The stakes were real, the life lessons, and people got eaten. These six kids kicked some serious ass, and were a nice extension to the Jurassic universe. I will miss this show.

2) Solar Opposites (Hulu)

Last years winner, is now in the runner up spot. Solar Opposites, for me, took what worked about Rick and Morty, and kept that, tweaked it, and made a better show. i truthfully believe now, after a couple of seasons and holiday specials, Solar Opposites is the better show. They had an episode where the guy doing audio description actually participated and had something clearly written for him at the end of the episode. no other show has taken that level of care to craft the whole experience. Plus, the wall people are a great side story.

1) Beavis and butthead (Paramount Plus)

I was skeptical about bringing this show back, but I’ve never laughed harder. All year, Beavis and Butthead was the most consistently funny thing i saw. Even the movie, I was crying with laughter, which I haven’t done in so long. Having them watch YouTube videos instead of MTV videos was a smart call. It makes the show funnier, instead of feeling like we are breaking for music videos. This is my pick for the best animated show of 2022.

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