Best Of 2022: Top 10 Ensembles in A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Series

I love my science fiction and fantasy shows so much, I literally rank them separately. I think if they had to compete against other genres, those categories would lose their performers, not so much out of this genre. There, of course, were ensembles that didn’t make the cut, but when I think of ensemble, I often think more about the evenness and depth of bench.

10) The Rings of Power (Amazon)

9) Locke and Key (Netflix)

8) Outer Range (Amazon)

7) Wednesday (Netflix)

6) The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

5) The House Of The Dragon (HBO MAX)

4) The Boys (Amazon)

3) The Orville (Hulu)

2) Stranger Things (Netflix)

1) The Walking Dead (AMC)

Everything but my top show has audio description, and any other year, I would have been fine putting TWD in a different rank. But after 11 seasons, and the years and the memories, I absolutely have to tip my hat to what I consider to be my favorite show of all time. not necessarily always the quality, but my favorite. The people out there obsessed with Marvel, or Star Wars, or Harry Potter, that’s a little like how I feel about The Walking Dead. I remember where I was when this thing started, living with roommates, then moving out on my own. i remember watching this with a group of friends live over XBOX Live chat. We tuned in, and talked as the episode progressed. i wish the show I loved so much loved me back, and the past few seasons since losing my vision have been incredibly hard to follow, and I’ve had to supplement with spoiler recaps, and still watching this with a friend over XBOX. But, I wouldn’t change a thing. I will miss every person in the cast, and I’m very nervous about their spinoffs. Farewell, little ass kicker. You survived.

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