Best Of 2022: Top 10 Drama Series

here it is. The big list. And, yeah, there are some major omissions here. I feel like critically, me snubbing Better Call Saul and The White Lotus would be surprising, but for me personally, it’s harder for me to cut dramas I love like Cobra Kai and new Amsterdam, or even emerging series like Leopard Skin. So, there’s a very long list. I stopped watching Saul’s final season so I could wait for Netflix to release it with audio description. I had watched all the other seasons that way, and while it’s inconvenient for an awards list, a lack of accessibility is not my fault or my problem.

10) Bridgerton (Netflix)

9) Reacher (Amazon)

8) Riches (Amazon)

7) The good Fight (Paramount Plus)

6) Tulsa King(Paramount Plus)

5) Yellowstone (Paramount)

4) Severance (Apple Plus)

3) The Handmaids Tale (Hulu)

2) For All Mankind (Apple plus)

1) Ozark (Netflix)

Just in case you couldn’t pick up on my love for Ozark and willingness to name this the best of 2022, here it is. Sure, I did the same thing for The walking Dead, making sure a final season show ended on top. but I love both shows and consider them both to be two of teh best shows I’ve ever seen. Ozark had a short run, but it was a strong one. Who will win next year? With some of these shows ending, or not producing new seasons in 2023, it seems to be anyone’s game.

But probably Succession.

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