The Too Much TV roundup- 04/14/23

I actually squeezed quite a few season finales into the same day. Totally by accident.

6) Velma (HBo MAX)

English Audio Description?: yes

oof. That reveal is a hot mess. maybe that’s the point. I did watch my fair share of Scooby Doo cartoons back in the day, and maybe the killer was always a leap. but, this killer reveal felt like a side character I knew existed, but not because the story put them at front and center at all.The feeling of that great big payoff is diminished when the reveal is more of a head scratcher than a “clever girl”.

Episode Grade: C+, Season 1 Grade: B-

5) That 90’s Show (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

There were aspects of this finale I hated. Throwing Nate in there suddenly made me want to smash someone in the writers room with a laugh track. I don’t actually know what that would look like, but I don’t think they think anything through anyway. I’m convinced this show is written by ChatGBT. Red and kitty were once again predictably terrific. I loved when Kitty had to compose herself after that World War 1 reference. But, for the most part, I hope Leia stays home, and we just get a season of Red and Kitty. No kids.

Episode Grade: C+, Season 1 Grade: B-

4) Perry Mason (HBO mAX)

English Audio Description?: Yes

That whole thing having to do with fingerprints was excellent. I’m really not sure why Della’s entire plot seems to revolve around her love life, and why she keeps getting pushed aside as a character. in 2023, simply just making a character a lesbian isn’t progressive. you still need to give her something to say. And, Della frequently has very little to offer this season. Write her better.

Episode Grade: B

3) The Traitors (Peacock)

English Audio Description?: Yes

i always assumed reunion specials had a lot of snarky remarks, trash talking, and attitude. This cast really had none of that, with most of the cast keeping their disagreements friendly and easily explained. The Traitors weren’t hated nearly as much as I expected, and the two cast members taht didn’t come back were not the ones i assumed would not come back. I’m aware that there is a UK and Australia version of this and i will likely try at least one of those out.

Episode Grade: B (Every actual episode got an A. This is just a reunion special so my Season 1 Grade is A)

2) The Problem With jon Stewart (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

jon really raked the media over the coals for their second by second coverage of Donald Trump’s movement, and obsessive over hype of the legal drama.Those of you that think Stewart gives “the liberal media” a pass, nope. He does not. I guess this is why Don lemon had something to say last week.

Episode Grade: A-

1) Not Dead Yet (ABC/hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Well, look who ended up on top for once. This ABC freshman comedy had a strong showing when a girlfriend came into town, an obituary needed to be written for a soap opera star, and Lexie was trying really hard to be normal. Lauren Ash is a gift to all of us. I feel like, even though this show is a comedy, this premise is working toward her needing to write an obituary for someone she knows. My writing would have her wake up to find one of her parents sitting there, and then end the season on a cliffhanger where she refuses to write the obituary. But maybe this audience isn’t ready for that level of real yet. I mean, this is Grey’s Anatomy’s network, so it’s not like they’ve been perpetually traumatized by surprise deaths for 20 years.

Episode Grade: A-

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