The Too Much TV Roundup

You know the drill. There are a ton of streaming services, not to mention actual cable still exists, and it’s hard for one person to cover all my feelings about every single series I’m watching in their own individual post. So here’s a glance at what I watch (slowly, while not binge watching) when I’m not watching movies.

Netflix: One of these days I’d like to write about All Of us Are Dead. I’ve heard good things, but I heard good things about Squid Game too back in the day, and tried to start watching that without audio description and just the English dub, and that was a mess. Then they added audio description to Squid Game, and I literally had to rewatch half the episodes, and I was surprised at what I had missed. So, I’d love to be talking about the new Korean show everyone else is talking about, but I can’t. Because Netflix thinks audio description is only really needed for shows in their original language. To be fair, All of us Are Dead does have Korean Audio Description, which proves my point. In the meantime, catch up on Squid Game, which does have English Audio Description, and perhaps it will encourage them to continue to make more content in foreign languages audio described.

Amazon: now that I’m stepping off that soapbox, Amazon has a very lovely series called As We See It that is just delightful. I went into this not expecting anything, actually expecting it to be a sub-tier Amazon title that I would give up on. I really hope Amazon sticks with this realistic interpretation of people on the spectrum, and I hope these actors are actually cast appropriately, and not pulling a Freddie Highmore.

Hulu: Was anyone else confused that Hulu started promoting One Mississippi? The short lived Tig Notaro sitcom was an Amazon original… so why is it on Hulu? It can’t be because they saved it. That show was cancelled years ago, and I refuse to believe Hulu, which seems more likely to cancel a show than renew it, would revive something. I haven’t checked to see if they ported the audio description from Amazon, or if Amazon removed it from their service. With this being the final day that the Marvel Netflix shows exist on their service, I wonder if streaming has been around too long that the concept of “original” will start to mean very little as shows from way back start finding new streaming homes.

HBO MAX: I may come back around to this, but there are times where I think I enjoyed the first season of Raised By Wolves more when it had less primary cast members, and now that they exist in this larger science fiction utopia, I have to pay attention and care about a ton of extraneous characters, when it was the core plot that drove me to the series in the first place. Two androids tasked with the upbringing of a human child. We don’t get a lot of that anymore.

Paramount Plus: I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention Star Trek Discovery, and the fact that i zone out. It used to be more interesting, and it used to have a really strong cast aside from Sonequa Martin Greene. Sadly, most of the bigger name actors have left the show, and I’ve really dwindled my ability to care what’s happening. I honestly spend most of each episode doing something else while this is in the background. I’m really looking forward to Star Trek Picard premiering this week.

Apple Plus: Three episodes in, and I’m half interested in Suspicion. I need uma Thurman to do something. her character seems to just exist, and I think that’s largely why her last streaming effort didn’t survive. The writers of Suspicion need to realize that they cast Uma Thurman, and people showed up to see her do her thing. Most of the series, she’s been sidelined by the intrigue around her son’s abduction, and a strong focus on minor characters played by actors no one knows. It’s not a bad show, and I was quite surprised that Apple stuck with The mosquito Coast, as well as Foundation and invasion. They keep more than they cancel, so if they drop this, the ratings must b really bad.

Peacock: Carlton is absolutely insufferable now on Bel Air. I appreciate that they found a way to make his character not such a clown like he was in the original, but now he’s just totally insufferable. I’m hoping the season finale is “Carlton gets hit by a bus, loses all personality traits, and will become a new and improved person in season 2”. He’s quite literally ruining what could otherwise be a good remake. Yes, i actually like Bel Air. Just not Carlton. And it’s not that they are making him a villain, it’s just everything about his character. He’s just gross now. Original Carlton was out of touch, and a bit of a clown, but he was also a nice guy most of the time, and I feel like Alfonso Ribero’s version wouldn’t choose “my white classmates can throw the n word around as much as they want, who cares/ i don’t.”

So that’s your roundup. I can confirm Squid Game, As We See It, Raised By Wolves, Star Trek Discovery, and Suspicion all have English audio description. Peacock is a service deeply steeped in fuckery, and when they make an app that is easy to use, on one of the multiple devices I already own, then I’ll find out if anything has audio description. As far as one Mississippi, I haven’t checked to see if Hulu kept the audio description, but since it’s Hulu, my expectations are low. They don’t even keep audio description for titles off NBC that I know have audio description should I choose to watch them off cable, and not on Hulu. They are an extremely lazy service as well.

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