The too Much TV Roundup

A day late and a dollar short. Changing up the format a bit. Previously, I just ran down the streaming services and picked a show. Now, I’ll just be doing the top 10 programs that hit me one way or the other in the last 7 days.

Remember, I don’t binge watch. So, some of these might be a bit old, and you might already be done, or even behind where I’m at. Thanks to peak tV.

1) The Walking Dead (AMC/AMC Plus)

English Audio Description Available?: Frustratingly, no.

It’s always bothered me that this show doesn’t feature audio description on its past seasons, considering how the show itself is committed to inclusivity in its storytelling and characters, bringing deafness to the forefront in the characters of Connie and Kelly. In its final season, we are finally getting Commonwealth storylines, and seeing who decided to try out this mysterious utopia, and who stayed back at Alexandria with Maggie. The return for the back eight had many jaw dropping moments, and these last two episodes (11.10 and 11.11) explore our group as they explore the commonwealth a bit more. And as the curtains begin to be pulled back, we start to see that all is perhaps not what it seems. Whatever leads to hopefully someone killing the Governor’s son, zombie or otherwise, I’m happy with that. That entitled bastard is crafted to die, in a presumably glorious and gory way. Really looking forward to the newly announced spinoff.

2) Peacemaker (HBO MAX)

English Audio Description Available? Yes

I finally finished this John Cena spinoff, lovingly brought to us by James Gunn, and the final episode was everything. I’m really looking forward to where they are going to go in the second season, and I just love that Danielle Brooks has some steady work again. As long as James Gunn oversees this project for its duration, I have no question the quality will be excellent. He’s one of my favorite directors.

3) How I Met your Father (Hulu)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Admittedly, this was a “play around on my cell phone show”. The first episode wasn’t funny, and as the series progressed, I never really latched on to any singular character or storyline. I wish they had just given Hilary Duff the Lizzie McGuire reboot she wanted, because this is totally inferior to the original series. Yet, because we stuck with the first season, Hulu ordered a second, with more episodes. Will I be watching? No. It got eight episodes from me, and that was far more than I should have given this.

4) The Girl Before (HBO MAX)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Another series knocked out this week. My final thoughts on this four-part limited series is that it’s a movie stretched to four hours. I’d love to see the two hour version of this, but the limited series route was unnecessary. By the fourth episode, which i forgot was its last, I was itching for it to end. It started out promising, with an interesting twisty plot, but this was not something that could sustain. The acting was great though.

5) Raising Deon (Netflix)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

I’m down to the last episode of the season. One more left. I’m wondering if the show will have the balls to kill off any of these characters with its child leads and aim at a family audience. It’s not really a kids show, but they try and keep it accessible to all. Someone is likely dying in the finale, and it could quite literally be anyone. Netflix better keep this show going, because it is excellent.

6) The Boys Presents Diabolical (Amazon)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

I’ve only watched the first episode. And it was magnificent. It reminded me of a Looney Tunes short from back in the day, except extremely violent. It had the best score underneath it, perfect for the material. I can’t wait to dive in to more episodes. They’re all half episodes, running under 15 minutes a piece, like most Adult Swim cartoons.

7) Super Pumped (Showtime)

English Audio Description Available?: No

luckily this show is dialogue heavy and somewhat narrated by Joseph Gordon Levitt’s real life Uber founder, because Showtime never runs audio description. Though, with a planned add on through Paramount Plus later this year, I’m optimistic about the possibility down the line. HBO did go back and add description to library titles like True Blood, so anything is possible. Joseph Gordon Levitt is electric in this. I’m not sure this will be exciting for 10 episodes, but the first two have kept my attention.

8)Good Sam (Paramount Plus/CBS)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

I was initially critical of the lack of development within the ensemble, but they are fixing that problem, and rounding out the entire cast in terrific fashion. But the reason to watch lies mostly in the dynamic between Jason Issacs and Sophia Bush. I’m really hoping this show is doing enough in the ratings to warrant a second season. I’ve read about stunt casting coming up that has me excited. Side note: I’m still pissed off that Jason Issacs wasn’t nominated this year for Mass. still.

9) American Idol (ABC/Hulu)

English Audio Description Available/: No

We are in the audition phase, and as a long time fan of the show, I still love to tune in to see if my vote is the same as the judges. So far so good. Only one girl I would have sent home that they decided to keep, who is going to get destroyed in Hollywood week. Her voice was OK, but she admittedly had no experience, and it showed.

10) Servant (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

The fact that this show needs one more season to wrap up something that should have been a 1 and done plot to begin with is silly. If Servant had only had season 1, it would have been magnificent. This season is bordering on silly, it’s not scary, and the cast has been much better in prior seasons. The best thing about last season was how it gave Rupert Grint time to really grow as a character and shine. This season has done nothing for any of the core characters, and is dreadfully mediocre. season four can only likely be worse, though i anticipate being left with some bizarro cliffhanger.

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