The Too Much TV Roundup- May 21st

Yesterday, I watched quite a bit of non-described programming with my mom, who tries her best to let me know what’s happening. But, there’s a very small overlap in the Venn Diagram of shows we both enjoy. Here are my rankings from yesterday.

1) Hacks (HBO MAX)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Kicking off Season 2 officially, this series is just as hilarious as ever, and jean smart is living the role of her lifetime. Hopefully, this show wil stay on as long as the writing is good.

Episode Grade: A

2) The Marvelous Ms Maisel (Amazon)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

In the season’s third episode, we finally dealt with the loss of one of the characters, really giving Alex Borstein a terrific episode to shine in. She went through her own grief process, and it all tumbled out in her eulogy that was oddly heartfelt and hilarious, mixing raw emotion with her typical level of sarcasm and anger. It was a great performance, and a great episode.

Episode Grade: A

3) Yellowstone (Paramount/Peacock)

English Audio Description Available?: No

Probably the most frustrating thing is that this massively popular show has no audio description, but my mom loves it, and we’re almost fully caught up. In the 4th season’s 8th episode, we lost a major character, and Beth Dutton proved once again you do not want to fuck with her.

Episode Grade: A

4) Frasier (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description Available: No

In what might have been a glitch in the Matrix, my audio started out in espanol, but I had to swap it. It was a classic, where Frasier dates a high powered attorney that may or may not have just dated Kevin Costner and Brad Pitt. He’s left feeling a little emasculated, but the episode ends in a way that makes me think she’s sticking around for a few episodes.

Episode Grade: A-

5) Woke (Hulu)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

My favorite part was when that one roommate attended whatever the hell that was. Where the white people were getting together to talk about being allies to black people, and that one girl didn’t want to celebrate her own birthday while black people were suffering. Then he walks in, and he’s the only one with black friends outside the group, since he has threee black roommates. That scene was perfectly ridiculous.

Episode Grade: B+

6) Home Economics (ABC/Hulu)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

In what almost felt like a series finale, everything seemed to wrap up. Did they not think they were getting a third season? Very odd. Season 3 should be interesting to see where they go from here.

Episode Grade: B+, Season 2 Grade: B+

7) The First Ladies (Showtime)

English Audio Description Available?: no

I’m still more invested in the Ford storyline than I thought I would be going in. Michelle Pfeiffer is killing it in this show, and all of the work around her is great. The Obama impersonations? Look, I love Viola, but she’s just not pulling off this Michelle thing.

Episode Grade: B

9) The Girl From Plainville (Hulu)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

in the 4th episode of season 4, the mystery continued to unravel. And I said, if it turns out this girl killed this boy so she could mirror what Rachel Berry went through on Glee, I’m gonna be upset. Not knowing her motives, is making me nervous. But that singing/dancing sequence, and her obsession with Glee, and the Quarterback, makes me think she wanted what Rachel Berry had in Glee.

Episode Grade: B

10) Bullshit (Netflix)

Episode Grade: B-

This game show is fine. For once, I want to see someone who was bullshitting but actually guessed correctly. The fact that that hasn’t happened yet is bullshit itself, because I’ve guessed on multiple questions, and gotten like half of them correct. Statistically, someone should have accidentally gotten it correct, and I wonder what happens when they do.

Episode Grade: B-

11) Super Pumped )HBO MAX)

English Audio Description: Yes

The most interesting thing was the ending of this episode. I literally keep rewatching this show, because with the cast, and subject matter, this show should be working for me. Why am I not loving this show?

Episode Grade: B-

12) We Crashed (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

I literally went from Episode 1 to Episode 2, and I feel like I missed an entire episode. Things. Happened in a way that made me feel like I had missed something. I had no idea she was an actress. Was that ever brought up, and why did it become a huge plot point?

Episode Grade: C+

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