The Too Much TV roundup- July 21st

It was a day. A day of wonder. And another prime time hearing that would be silly to rank. Fun, but silly.

1) Shining Girls (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description Available: Yes

If you’ve been following my posts at all, you know my love for Shining Girls knows no bounds. It is some truly original, gripping, freaky television. In this episode, The Thin Man confronts openly, like a total creep, his next likely victim. But, Kirby seems to have figured out that he’s been stopping in to this long term care facility to see this guy, who she does get a hint of information out of. Why aren’t they agin? What is going on? And why do things keep changing for Kirby? She finally gets someone to believe her, when the car she described perfectly also happens to be one that the reporter used to own and no longer does. Not to mention the composite sketch that Kirby came up with matched the fake reporter that approached him outside the families home of the most recently killed girl. This show is so freaking good.

Episode Grade: A

2) Undone (Amazon)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

And right behind that was a terrific episode of undone, where the truth is totally laid out about Alejandro and who he is. The family discovers their long lost brother, as Alejandro was a baby their mother gave up a long time ago when she had nothing and no one to help her. Why she has kept this shame silent for so long, not trusting that her family would understand is now the real mystery, as everyone seemed immediately on board to welcome Alejandro to the family. But, some comments from their mother overheard by Alejandro about being this shame baby made him cut ties, and Alma thinks she can fix it. Of course, what Alma is failing to track here (and I am) is that it’s not as simple as just going back in time and talking to Grandma. Becca hadn’t been born yet, so by saving Alejandro, she might actually write her sister out of existence. Be careful messing with time… as Alma finds out when she’s taken back to a different time, but not in the way she’d hoped.

Episode Grade: A

3) Westworld (HBO/HBOMAX)

English audio Description Available?: Yes

In a world of “I still miss the earlier seasons”, I guess I’m grading on a scale. In a desperate attempt to save Frankie, some freaky stuff ended our episode. Plus, William confronts Maeve. But the biggest reveal was perhaps Bernard being put back on the table, even after pulling a Dr Strange and seeing all possible outcomes lead to his death, he knows he’s the only one who can save the world. Hmmm…we will see about that. And, yes, I’m a week behind.

Episode Grade: B

4) Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Considering the nonsense that Paramount Plus has put me through, starting me with Episode 9, then when i watched the season finale, I realized… oh shit. What the hell? So now, I’m on Episode 2, where Uhura became useful by figuring out that this particular episode responded to music. Nothing like watching Spock singing. Didn’t see that coming, and it felt so out of place for him as a character, but maybe he also just wanted to get the hell up out of there.

Episode Grade: B

5) That Damn Michael Che (HBO MAX)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

It’s odd, because i do these the next morning, and I can never remember what the episode was actually about. Like, the sketches aren’t the reason I watch, but the little moments where Che does stand up are hilarious. Occasionally I remember a sketch, but not this time around. Less than 24 hours later and my brain already deleted it.

Episode Grade: B-

6) Pistol (Hulu)

English Audio Description Available?: No

Perhaps a casualty of long term watching of a show that has no audio description, but each episode is less interesting to me than the last. We are not trending in the right direction. I don’t think this series had many episode, so I might actually finish it, but this grade very much indicates it’s in the danger zone, and I ahve a lot of TV to catch up with.

Episode Grade: C+

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