The Too Much tV Roundup- August 18th

Five shows today. one of them is Marvel. Did it hit the top?

1) Solar Opposites (Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Essentially, Solar Opposites has created this secondary universe within its own show that we care about in almost the same way Pinky and the Brain caught on as a spinoff from Anamaniacs. Here, I think spinning them off could be a mistake. Not knowing the ins and outs of all the characters within the wall really makes for this bizarrely entertaining side trip whenever the show decides to take it. Add to that, the Hululand references, which were all spot on, and a Red Lobster/Taco Bell restaurant that made me lurch, and Solar Opposites was pretty perfect this week.

Episode Grade: A

2) She Hulk (Disney Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

While She Hulk: Attorney At Law benefitted from the help of cousin Bruce Banner, and banter that really did feel like these actors were a lot more comfortable with each other than they might be, this pilot felt super rushed. The last two Marvel/Disney shows were basically season long origin stories, and I think this one is trying to get the origin out of the way in the first episode so we can get into an actual adventure. So, even though I saw some of the cracks in their need for speed, I think it might make for a stronger show in the end. Audio Description Note: i am a big proponent of using size relativity when comparing characters or entities that are fantastical in nature, and not based in reality. Meaning, simply telling me that She gets taller is not good enough. Taller than what? Then who? how tall? Taller than bruce? Giving your blind audience size relativity works way better. The final scene had no size relativity at all, and I had no idea if the thing that comes crashing in was bigger, smaller, or same size. And I should know these things. The news recently referenced the water loss at one of the lakes out west not only in the actual feet, but also then added a 15 story building. That’s far more effective, and immediately gives your listener a much more firm point of reference moving forward. Will anyone listen to me? Probably not.

Episode Grade: A-

3) The Terminal List (Amazon)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Chris Pratt’s batshit spy thriller had me so confused this week I almost searched for spoilers. That’s a sign that I’m getting invested, because I could see so many different ways this series could go, and I hate waiting. So, a much stronger second episode, still full of paranoia. My only concern right now is was Constance Wu the right casting choice for her role? She hasn’t, at least in these two episodes, proved that she was the right choice for a drama/thriller, even if her role is supporting. I love her, and I hope she proves me wrong.

Episode Grade: A-

4) The Bear (Hulu)

English Audio Description? No

Sorry, Hulu, but this needs some audio description. And, it’s actually somewhat the fault of the showrunners and writers, because I still cannot follow any of these damn voices. It’s a really hard show for blind folk to try and figure out who is talking, how many characters are in the room, at least by Episode 2. I can always hear the obnoxious cousin who shouts over everything, who needs to be hit by a car, but there are supporting characters so underestablished that I don’t know their names, and I can’t follow them in conversations. I really don’t know how many people are actually in the kitchen at any given time. And the flashbacks don’t help. I really want to love this series, and I feel like if I weren’t blind, I’d be running around telling everyone how great this is. But the disconnect between what I’m experiencing now, as a blind individual, is quite obvious with this show.

Episode Grade: B+

5) Man Vs Bee (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

It almost feels like a cop out grading these episodes one by one. But the second episode was kind of dull compared to the first, as it basically served to give backstory to Atkinson’s character. There is still a little humor here, but mostly he’s just a dad trying to make his daughter proud. It’s an odd angle for this character, and kind of reshaped how I see him. He’s actually such an idiot, I’m surprised his daughter is still alive.

Episode Grade: B-

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