The Too Much tV Roundup- August 25th

These roundups are taking a hit this week. I was actually about halfway through a fourth title, but I couldn’t finish it yesterday. So, these rankings are hard today.

1) Solar Opposites (Hulu)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

This episode of Solar Opposites was so on brand, that with only 3 shows in the mix today, I have to give this one the edge. not only did it give me my typical laughs I expect from the show, but it truly encapsulated that wacky tone that feels a bit left of Rick and morty, and enough so for it to be its own thing. I laughed, a bit in pain to be honest, when a Super Mario 64 joke was made with an OK Boomer response. I was like, “I’m not a boomer!” but, it just showed me how old I was, without actually being old. And the third of the episode that was built around Daylight, featuring someone doing a solid Sly Stallone impersonation, was the kind of perfection of randomness you expect from the Solar Opposites crew. This was a home run.

Episode Grade: A

2) She hulk (Disney Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I have thoughts and questions. While, structurally this should have been a home run, as it did a good job of advancing Jennifer as a character, fleshing out her world a bit more, it felt oddly short. I’m pretty positive this was under 30 minutes, and the shortest of any Marvel Disney Plus show. I could be wrong. I liked that they started to play around with the stupidity of her name, with Jennifer herself not being very happy with it. And that made me cringe all the more when Bruce chimed in saying it had a ring to it. No it doesn’t. It has a Handmaid’s Tale vibe to it. Could you imagine a world where we just put She in front of male names? Actually, I don’t have to, because Margaret Atwood already did that by telling us the story of Gillihad Adding a new daughter to your family? Why not just name her She-John or She-Michael. It’s a dumb name, and I feel like trying to convince us otherwise is idiotic. Embrace the idiocy, which is exactly what she was doing, until Bruce’s wisdom seemed to suggest it sounded nice. Truthfully, this has already been happening for years, where men would name their daughters after them, which is a little how names like Fredine and Edwina came to be. But, we’re here now, and it’s Ok to acknowledge that things we did in the past are silly.

Episode Grade: A-

3) Loot (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

It feels weird putting this last. it just goes to show that when you watch very little TV, sometimes a great show ends up on the bottom. I’m still rooting for Molly and her crew. i believe this was already given a second season by Apple, which has been pretty kind to its series when it comes time for renewal. Though, after not hearing anything for a year, I’m just assuming Home Before Dark is dead.

Episode Grade: A-

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