Best of 2022: Top 10 original Scores

Here are my picks for the top 10 original scores. Basically, in my top 5, only one of these films was nominated for an Oscar. Of the entire top 10 actually, i only have 1 Oscar nominee. To be fair, I haven’t seen Babylon yet.

10) Windfall

9) Violent Night

8) Dr Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

7) RRR

6) Top Gun Maverick

5) Spirited

4) Bones and All

3) All Quiet On The Western Front

2) Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio

1) The Batman

Far and away my favorite score of the year was The Batman. I’ve been obsessed with Giacchino’s take on the franchise, after being told to reinvent the hero yet again and give Matt Reeves’s Year one Batman his own new flavor. He blazed a brave new iconic score for Battinson while also paying homage to what came before. I also do really love my top five. Spirited has some great music in it, Bones and All is a killer score, All Quiet On The Western Front absolutely earned its Oscar nomination, and what Alexandre Desplat did for Pinocchio is a lot like what Giacchino had to do. Create a new musical world for this very different version of a beloved property, where so many people kept thinking Pinocchio would sinc about how he’s got no strings, or we’d be wishing upon a star. The fact that The Batman and Pinocchio weren’t nominated this year is a travesty.

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