Mac’s Version of the Top 100 Most Powerful List

OK. Forbes has no idea what is going on anymore. Here’s my take on who are truly the 100 most powerful celebrities. I’ve added quite a bit of people that I think they forgot about, and shifted around some more. Among those that were omitted from the Forbes list (but added here): Stephen Colbert, Daniel Tosh, Blake Shelton, Dwayne Wade, Wiz Khalifa, JJ Abrams, Conan O’Brien, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, One Direction, and more. Forbes may have fucked it up, but I think my alternative is pretty reasonable.

1) Oprah Winfrey

2) Justin Bieber

3) Beyonce

4) Lady Gaga

5) Taylor Swift

6) Lebron James

7) Robert Downey Jr

8) Jon Stewart

9) Leonardo DiCaprio

10) Ellen DeGeneres

11) Tyler Perry

12) Steven Spielberg

13) Dwayne Johnson

14) Jay Z

15) Jennifer Lawrence

16) Madonna

17) Rihanna

18) Drew Brees

19) Blake Shelton (Not even ON the original list)

20) Kanye West

21) Mark Wahlberg

22) Dwayne Wade (also not on the original list)

23) Tiger Woods

24) Kobe Bryant

25) David Beckham

26) Carrie Underwood

27) Joss Whedon

28) Seth Macfarlane

29) Tom Cruise

30) Katy Perry

31) Daniel Tosh (not on Forbes’s list)

32) Channing Tatum

33) Angelina Jolie

34) Brad Pitt (Not on Forbes’s list)

35) JJ Abrams (Not on Forbes’s list)

36) Glenn Beck

37) Stephen Colbert (Not on Forbes’s list)

38) Jennifer Lopez

39) Tom Brady

40) Kim Kardashian

41) Christopher Nolan

42) Neil Patrick Harris

43) Suzanne Collins

44) Hugh Jackman

45) Simon Cowell

46) Donald Trump

47) Will Ferrell (Not on Forbes’s list)

48) Will Smith

49) Usain Bolt

50) Melissa McCarthy

51) Mark Burnett

52) Ryan Seacrest

53) Jennifer Aniston

54) Kevin Hart

55) Bon Jovi

56) Jerry Bruckheimer

57) Danica Patrick

58) One Direction (not on the original list)

59) Matt Damon (not on the original list)

60) Conan O Brian (not on the original list)

61) Dr Phil

62) Charlie Sheen

63) Stephen King

64) Ben Affleck

65) Drake (not on the original list)

66) Adam Sandler

67) Peter Jackson

68) JK Rowling

69) Sandra Bullock

70) Mila Kunis

71) James Patterson

72) Chuck Lorre (not on original list)

73) Emma Stone

74) Jimmy Kimmel (not on original list)

75) Amy Poehler

76) Wiz Khalifa (not on original list)

77) David Letterman

78) Sofia Vergara

79) Michael Bay

80) Tina Fey

81) Kate Upton (not on original list)

82) Nicki Minaj (not on original list)

83) Howard Stern

84) Serena Williams

85) Floyd Mayweather

86) Manny Pacquiano

87) Kelly Clarkson (not on original list)

88) Zooey Deschanel

89) Jamie Foxx (not on original list)

90) Vin Diesel (not on original list)

91) Johnny Depp (not on original list)

92) Kevin James (not on original list)

93) Seth Rogen (not on original list)

94) Coldplay

95) Selena Gomez (not on original list)

96) George Clooney (not on original list)

97) Tom Hanks (not on original list)

98) Meryl Streep

99) Seth Meyers (not on original list)

100) Bradley Cooper (not on original list)


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