The Too Much TV Roundup

With all of the many platforms we have to watch television programs, from regular networks, to cable and premium channels, and a wide array of streaming channels, there has never been this much TV created for our own enjoyment. Starting this week, I plan to offer a glimpse into some of the shows I’m checking out, good or bad. I do not binge shows, so I might not be fully through a show whose entire season dropped at one point, and thanks to the tons of programs I do watch, I might “be behind”.

I am watching a lot of things on Netflix, and one standout is the second season of Raising Deon, which so far, through Episode 4, has promised exactly what a sophomore season should. It furthers the characters we’ve come to know and love, even including Brayden, whose character was featured semi-prominently in the first season. Already, there are hints of mistrust within the corporation that is helping to train Deon, and with how quickly Tevin has moved in, I’m concerned he’s not all he seems. Pat seemed like a nice guy too, and look where that got us. Raising Deon continues to be a solid show at Netflix, and I hope they continue on to a third season.

Prime Video has the final season of Goliath (yes, I admitted I’m behind a bit in places), and I’ve been struggling to push through a final season that feels like a departure from the structure that worked so well the first three seasons, and tries to reinvent itself in the final hour with fantasy moments that distract from the story. Take Billy from Season 1, and that show knew what it wanted to be. This is more like the final season of Dear White People that figured it was cancelled anyway, so they could do whatever they wanted. Neither ends up paying off for longtime fans who just want the show to end on a strong note. Dear White People ended on a low note, albeit still maintaining its always social conscious material, and Goliath will do the same, even with a plot that has Billy going after big pharma.

Hulu has the divisive Pam and Tommy, which after the first two episodes, I feel like I could go either way on. Sebastian Stan does a great job of making Tommy Lee 100% unlikeable, and it might be a career best performance for him, but there’s still something about rehashing this part of Pamela Anderson’s life without her approval that bothers me. He deserved it, she didn’t. And she’s been very vocal about not wanting this show to happen.

HBO MAX has been killing it with Peacemaker, a show I’m not sure anyone knew they needed, but just like he always does, James Gunn (who shows up as a director of some episodes) delivers on a premise that is equally batty and nonsensically fun. John Cena has found a role that is perfect for him, and I hope we get more Peacemaker in the future. Also, thanks for giving Danielle Brooks some work. I’ve missed her since Orange Is the New Black went off the air.

Paramount Plus is a little quiet right now, but I use it to catch up on Good Sam. While the show is trying to convince me that Sophia Bush could be a brilliant doctor, it’s the ensemble that works here. I noted with the pilot that Bush and Jason Issacs dominated the pilot, successive episodes have worked hard to quickly establish personalities within the ensemble, further enriching the show. Plus, Jason Issacs is great, and the tV Gods owe him a favor after NBC failed to move Awake to season 2.

Peacock has a delicious offering called Wolf Like Me, featuring josh Gad and Isla Fisher, where a widower with a daughter (Gad) falls for a… wolf? It is an interesting show that balances multiple genres. It is sometimes a comedy, sometimes science fiction/horror, and sometimes a drama. Peacock is starved for content, at least shows that keep going past their first season, so hopefully Wolf Like Me will stick around.

Apple Plus is giving me a very uneasy third season of Servant. This show is so weird, because I never assumed there would be more than one season. Season 1 ended in such a way, with such a jaw drop, it would have worked as a one-and-done, or a limited series. But then, season two happened, and in the beginning, I was hesitant, and didn’t really like the first couple episodes, but I think they brought it home by the end. Season three is back to making me question if this show isn’t being dragged further than needed, though i will admit, I’m ready to eat my hat when the season finale comes around.

And I’m one episode left on The Book of Boba Fett, a really uneven show, that started out trying to expand Boba’s world, before connecting it to The Mandelorian, and now that it is, it’s great. These last two episodes featuring Mando are the strongest of the series, but as a long time Boba fan, a series featuring him should have found a way to work on its own.

With the exception of Wolf like Me, because I can’t get my Peacock app to work correctly, all TV shows listed are audio described. And I’m not saying Wolf Like Me isn’t, I’m just saying I watch it without.

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