The Too Much TV Roundup- September 4th

I watched a lot of TV yesterday, and now you have to. That’s the deal. Right?

1) Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

This animated offering, which is much better than you would think, has put out its final season on Netflix. There were a lot of shows yesterday, but nothing made me happier than starting Season 5, and beginning the sad journey to saying farewell to the six kids who made a series that was far more interesting than either of the Jurassic World sequels. And I can say this, because I also watched Dominion today, which gave me greater appreciation for this work, as well as giving me the opportunity to let this show top the list at least once during its final run.

Episode Grade: A

2) Paper Girls (Amazon)

English Audio Description?: Yes

The other show that almost made the top spot was the pilot for Paper Girls, a show I admittedly knew nothing about. The first ten minutes or so, I was a little concerned I was being sucked into some Babysitter’s Club type thing, but quickly things go nuts, super fast, and your whole world is upside down at the end. As far as pilots go, this is a great one. It introduces you to your core cast, lets you know there’s a mystery afoot worth waiting a whole season/series to uncover, and leaves you at the end with your jaw dropping cliffhanger. Amazon has launched another terrific show I’m sure they’ll cancel.

Episode Grade: A

3) Trying (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

The most adorable series on right now, full of inspiration and love, takes our two new parents further into parenthood, and leaves you with the question… would you dumpster dive for your kid? I mean, would you? If you need a smile every day, Trying should absolutely be on your list.

Episode Grade: A

4) The Lincoln Lawyer (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

In the final episode of Season 1 (this show has been renewed), we get a full conclusion to the season 1 mystery, while also opening the door on a season two. Plus, the show leaves each character in some transformational phase where they will have new parts of themselves to explore in the second season, so this won’t grow into a stagnant procedural.

Episode Grade: A, Season 1 Grade: A-

5) The Resort (Peacock)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Admittedly, in a way, this show has taken an actor that I like very much (William Jackson Harper) and put him in a role where I didn’t like him, and felt he was unnecessary for the majority of the pilot. Sure, he gets roped in at the end, but I think I know what this show wants to do, and I’m not sure we need him in order to do it. The B-Side storyline with what happened in the past is already far more interesting than our main cast and their dull marriage. It’s that secondary storyline that has me really excited, and how they’re going about uncovering the truth.

Episode Grade: A-

6) The Sandman (Netflix)

English Audoi Description?: Yes

I didn’t need a Johnny centered episode. i was already considering him my least favorite thing about previous episodes, so devoting an entire episode to his backstory was unfortunate. At least it did lead to the final 5 minutes of this episode which are astounding and brilliant and really course corrected the decision to devote that much time to one side character. Episodes where Dream are less featured seem to be my less favorite episodes.

Episode Grade: B+

7) Tales Of The Walking Dead (AMC/ AMC Plus)

English Audio Description?: No

I am a huge Walking Dead fan, and perhaps Tales could do more episodes like this, as the main series has a ton of characters whose backstories have never been, or barely been explored. Alpha and Lydia have actually had backstory, but going back further in time to before Beta was a mixed bag. I felt like Alpha was far more badass than she needed to be this early on, but it was nice to see that she was always a manipulative person, which answer the question as to what kind of person could possibly do what The Whisperers were doing.

Episode Grade: B+

8) A League Of their Own (Amazon)

English Audio description?: Yes

Despite leaning even further into the least interesting part about this series, and also writing off (rather unceremoniously) Nick offerman’s character, the girls were left without a captain. Slowly, when the show isn’t putting only two characters front and center, we are slowly learning about the other girls on the team. But, once again, i cared not what happened to the Peaches, and only Max’s storyline mattered. Why does it feel like I’m watching two different shows written by two different writers rooms? Max’s character is strong enough you could kill off the entire Peach lineup and just do a story about Max. in this episode, she finally, FINALLY, gets her shot, and blows it. Her best friend’s husband is headed off to war. her mom and dad are fighting, with her dad being far more supportive of her baseball dreams, and her mom being a hardline traditionalist. The episode gave me hope that Max’s storyline could merge and save the peaches, but then the writers would still probably just spend a third of the episode letting Carson and Greta make out. I may have a lot of problems with this show, but I’d throw an Emmy nomination Max’s way next year. She’s earned it, and the season isn’t even over yet.

Episode Grade: B-

9) The Bear (Hulu)

English Audio Description?: No

Hulu’s persistence in not offering audio description to original content they slap a “FX On” in front of is not helping this show. The cousin is beyond obnoxious, and I still have no idea how many people even work there. I need audio description.. There are a lot of shows out there, and I’m close to letting this one go, and it’s entirely over lack of audio description versus my ability to follow the show. It’s also a little because of the cousin. I can’t take him anymore.

Episode Grade: C+

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