The Too Much TV Roundup- 05/01/23

I can’t claim a shortage of good news today. The WGA voted finally to go on strike, which is officially happening right now. That means all guild writers, which is most of Hollywood, have ceased working on their projects. This affects shows with quick turnover rates first, like late night talk and variety shows. So until this strike is over, expect Colbert, Meyers, Fallon, Kimmel, and others to be reruns. This also likely ended Saturday Night Live’s season, unless a deal is reached soon. Pete Davidson was supposed to host this week, and I don’t believe that’s happening since some of the cast are even members of the writers guild as they pull double duty. Likely, shows like Last Week Tonight will be impacted immediately as well.

Also, FOX did actually cancel their most watched show with 911, a baffling strategy. The show was beginning to cost too much, even for it being number one. They’d rather renew cheaper, shittier shows. They did keep 911 Lone Star, which makes 911 getting saved by ABC more awkward as i can’t think of a time where a franchise of this ilk has been spread across multiple networks (and I’m not counting Supergirl’s first season on CBS).

8) Shadow and Bone (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I keep hoping that something will bring my interest back, and it’s not happening. In the 6th episode, Mal is presented with some information that could be game changing for him, but who knows. Caz found out that the treasure he’s been seeking was actually created by someone he’s already met. Surprise? Otherwise, this episode was way too long.

Episode Grade: C+

7) Hello Tomorrow (Apple plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I’ll be honest and say that this show has lost my interest as well. It wasn’t what I thought it was at the beginning, and leans more and more away from that concept. However, this would have made a great season finale as Jack is on a high note, but finds out that his son now knows the truth, and wants nothing to do with him. I feel like that’s where you end the season. The fact that two more episodes exist just pisses me off. Leave us wondering if this relationship can be repaired. Don’t give us two more episodes in which I’m certain it will be.

Episode Grade: C+

6) The Great North (FOX/Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

A real shit show. no, I mean, this episode was centered around a turd festival. I don’t know how else to explain that.

Episode Grade: B-

5) American Idol (ABC/Hulu)

English Audio Description?: no

I still hold out hope that ABC will one day offer audio description for this. But, America voted, and they voted wrong. I mean, they voted predictably, but wrong. Mary Beth Bird proved this week that she’s not the next Carrie underwood, or even Skylar Laine, but a Kristy Lee Cook. That Dancing Queen cover should have sent her home over Lucy Love. I also felt that Georgia On My Mind rendition from Oliver Steele was a bit much, and I would have cut him over Nutsa. Adam Lambert was a great coach though.

Episode Grade: B

4) The Consultant (Amazon)

English Audio Description?: yes

I gotta say, since I believe this is a limited series, leaving me on the note with unanswered questions doesn’t leave me fulfilled. You never find out the backstory of Regis, or what he actually is. Though, Craig does get some real confirmation. but what does that all mean? Without contextualizing it, we’re just left in a void. I’ll admit that the glass floor sequence coming full circle was pretty clever though.

Episode Grade: B+, Series Grade: A-

3) 911 (FOX/Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

This cancellation inspired me to finally start the flagship drama. I know I’ve got six seasons to wade through, but I’m already a fan of lone star, so I imagine I’m in for pretty much the same ride. The pilot had a lot of rescues thrown into one episode, introducing us to all our major players. Peter Krause, Angela Bassett, and Connie Britton at least start off as the lead trio. I’m aware Britton leaves the series at some point. But, I’m here for the Queen, and she doesn’t disappoint.

Episode Grade: A-

2) Bel Air (Peacock)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Carlton’s message at the end was so true. But, he also kind had it coming. I’m kind of surprised someone bothered to record that back when it happened. I wonder how Will will handle this now that he’s aware of everything. Also, trusting Doc that much? Come on bro. you’re so painfully naive.

Episode Grade: A

1) Last Week Tonight (HBo/ HBo MAX)

English Audio Description?: No

If this is the last one for a while, at least Oliver hits a home run. Everything was hilarious, from Oliver’s self deprecating humor, to his mocking of a Quiche, to the Matthew McConaghey footage, the Tucker Carlson ribbing, and his long segment calling out the Biden administration’s appalling record on immigration, which doesn’t match a single campaign promise Joe made. Then, he topped it all off by having a plumbing company make a parody trailer of Magnolia. No audio description, but I could still tell it was perfection.

Episode Grade: A+

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