The Too Much TV Roundup- 05/08/23

Well, fans of SWAT have had a very confusing past couple of days. After cancelling the hit drama on Friday, and seeing a torrent of backlash for cancelling a show that has risen in ratings every season, CBS has reversed its decision and given SWATT a 7th season renewal. That renewal comes at the expense of Freshman drama East New York, which was looking good for renewal and instead got the boot. I did hear the major contention over ENY was streaming rights, as CBS wanted all seasons available on Paramount Plus, but they only have the rights to the current season as the show is produced by Warner Bros. I remember when the driving force for renewing a show was simply ratings. I’m not sure peak TV is a better time period. Also, CBS predictably axed the low rated attempt at turning True lies into a series (which I hated). CBS has one drama already picked up, Tracker starring Justin Hartley, and two very strong and high profile drama pilots with the second Good Wife spinoff centered around Carrie Preston’s Lisa Beth, and another starring Kathy Bates as the new Matlock. Both shows are expected to find a slot somewhere in the packed lineup.

9) Hello Tomorrow (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Status: not Yet Renewed

This series has really been on a downhill slide for me in the latter half of the season. I get what they’re trying to do, but I feel like there was a Season 1 story, and a Season 2 story, and they’re being crushed together, and it’s not working.

Episode Grade: C+

8) Beef (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Status: Limited Series

I’m having a hard time latching on to this popular Netflix show. I know it has fans immediately, because A24 is behind it, but is the show actually good? I don’t know. It seems to want to go in very different places with its own rhythm, but I truly don’t find the characters themselves interesting, because they lack backstory, and I’m not invested in them at all. Sure, the longer you stick with a series, the more character development you get, but with Beef being a limited series, it’s not like I’m even throwing my support behind something that could get renewed or not. Two and done might be it for me.

Episode Grade: C+

6) Tiny Beautiful Things (Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Status: Limited Series?

Last time, I mentioned that I was having a hard time figuring out where this show wants to tonally land, and I’m going to go with dark comedy. Sure, it attempts a dramatic scene every once in a while, which throws me off, but the humor here is that kind where the lead is incredibly flawed and we’re supposed to latch onto that. I love Kathryn Hahn, but there are aspects of this that just don’t work for me.I think though, that if anyone can make me like this material, it’s Hahn, who is terrific even when being thrown this material.

Episode Grade: B-

6) 8 Simple Rules (Disney Plus)

English Audio Description?: no

Status: Ended

I had fonder memories of this show than the show actually deserves. Then again, half the show ran without Ritter, who sometimes seems like he’s trying too hard for the punchline. But, in the second episode, his wife is basically gone the whole episode again, and he’s left to actually parent, while his favorite football game of the year is on. Hilarity ensues.

Episode Grade: B

5) All in The Family (FreeVee)

English Audio Description?: No

Status: ended

Edith is in a tizzy over accidentally taking something from a store, and thinks that makes her a kleptomaniac. Jean Stapleton really gets to unleash her comedic timing in this episode, which is dragged down by a need to have Archie do something, which basically turns into an important talk about anti-semitism that puts him in his place in the end.

Episode Grade: B+

4) American Idol (Hulu)

English Audio Description?: no

Status: Renewed (Or Will Be)

I was having a hard time believing that Lionel Richie and Katy Perry were staying up from 1-3AM in the morning in the UK just to film their reactions from the UK, but it seemed like they did. I’m not sure Sheeran offered anything as a judge, though he seems nice. Alanos, however, gave some solid notes as a mentor, and was able to give even more feedback as a judge. With the three being voted off this week, i actually think those were the right three, which is hard for me to say since every week prior I’ve wanted to send Zachariah home. however, this week, his cover actually required him to sing (as did his duet), and he actually has a nice voice he just rarely uses. I still have no idea what kind of recording artist he would be, but I wasn’t a fan of the solo choices by Warren, Hayden, or Oliver. Oliver missed some notes, I missed the strength in Hayden’s vocals, and I think Warren just sounded odd on his song. I’ve been seeing some unofficial polls online, and our lovely Hawaiian leads in all of them. I’m OK with that.

Episode Grade: B+

3) American Auto (NBC/Peacock)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Status: not Yet Renewed

At the funeral of the company’s founder, Katherine is trying to make sure those who inherit his shares keep or sell them to her advantage. By the end of the episode, she kind of gets the best of both worlds, even if she doesn’t seem too happy about it.

Episode Grade: A-

2) Bel Air (Peacock)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Status: Renewed For Season 3

Will helps Lisa make it to the hospital in time for the birth of her brother, and chooses this over Jackie, who was waiting to be picked up for a date by him. Lisa thinks Carlton is into her, so when Carlton tries to tell her that Drew leaked the video, she isn’t having it. Will and Carlton still aren’t on good terms, which pushes Carlton into a drug bender. Viv goes to have a chat with Phil’s potential new co-worker about boundaries, but it looks like Phil might be staying at his firm after all. Finally, Will catches up with Brian, who finally gives him the dirt on Doc. Oh, and Hillary predictably has a moment with her ex, the baller.

Final Grade: A

1) Daisy Jones and the Six (Amazon)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Status: not yet Renewed

Best episode of the series so far, and it didn’t feature The Six. This was daisy on a Greek island, when Simone and her girlfriend come to rescue her, only to find out she’s about to marry a rich Irishman. Not only was the rich Irishman, Nicky, a great addition, but this episode had no Billy. Which also means, there wasn’t a Daisy/Billy thing. Maybe I would have liked that relationship more if the series had waited, and made Billy more endearing, but I hated episodes 5 and 6 because of that. So episode 7 was a breath of fresh much needed air. Easily the best episode of the series, and props for giving Simone a ton of screentime.

Episode Grade: A

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