The Skeleton Twins

Starring: Bill Hader, Kristin Wiig, Luke Wilson, Ty Burrell
Directed By: Craig Johnson

I believe I’ve heard the phrase “a heartbreaking work of staggering genius” before. I would apply that to Bill Hader’s breakthrough performance in The Skeleton Twins. If I say nothing else, I will say you have to watch the film because Bill Hader deserves your attention. It’s the kind of movie you know is going to fall under the radar at the Oscars, and just make you very upset. I wish Oscar voters watched movies like this, and that everything wasn’t so political. Maybe then, Bill Hader would have a shot.

Hader is a revelation as Milo, a struggling gay actor who attempts suicide after a bad breakup. His sister (Wiig) gets word of his attempt at the same time she is about to attempt suicide, and rushes to her brother’s side. Two peas in a pod has never been truer of these two. Then everything opens up, and shit gets real. Turn out that Milo, as a struggling gay youth, had a sexual relationship with his teacher (Burrell), and he’s trying to rekindle that relationship.

To describe what The Skeleton Twins is about, I’d say the struggle is real. It’s about how some people struggle with shit just to get through the day. Some people have issues that bog them down. Kristin Wiig is great in her role, but really can’t help but be overshadowed by Hader. Even Luke Wilson and Ty Burrell turn in strong performances. For Wilson, it’s a performance that seems easy for him, but for Burrell, who has been stuck doing goofy comedy on Modern Family, it feels oddly authentic and convincing. He should tackle drama more often.

At the heart of this film is a drama. The comedy just comes out in the moments, but these four actors who normally do comedy, are doing drama really well. I loved The Skeleton Twins. I knew I loved The Skeleton Twins before the movie was even over. That’s how good the movie was.


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