Sausage Party

Featuring The Voices Of: Seth Rogen, Kristin Wiig, Michael Cera, Nick Kroll, Edward Norton, David Krumholtz, Salma Hayek, Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, Danny McBride, James Franco, Craig Robinson, Anders Holm, Paul Rudd
Directed By: Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon

I’d call this movie brilliant, but at the same time I realize that Seth Rogen probably came up with this while high and having a serious case of the munchies. Daring? Bold? Original? Yeah, it’s all of those things too. It’s incredibly smart, not just poking fun at the genre itself, but also having some serious things to say about political issues like race relations in the middle east, gentrification, and religion. Sometimes, two characters will get in an argument about something, and you’re like “Oh, this is really about THIS, but they’re relating it to food. I get it now.” Really no topic is too taboo here. No. Topic.

This is a film where the primary antagonist is a literal Douche (Kroll), who runs around really wanting to “get up in there”, and is angry when he has missed his opportunity. Baby carrots are portrayed as such, and it makes it even more soul crushing as they are dismembered in the mouth of a human. And of course, there’s the sex. But, even though it’s portrayed as sex, and it is SUPER KINKY, there are never any penises shown or extra appendages. So really, it is just food rubbing up against food, and how can the MPAA rate that anything but R? A lot is suggested in those few minutes, but they cleverly dodge the porn angle by not adding penises and vaginas to the food. It’s all just super suggestive.

Just when I thought Sausage Party wasn’t going to push the envelope further, it did. It doesn’t care if you’re offended, or grossed out, or whatever. It has every intention of pushing every boundary it possibly can, and hopefully make you laugh in the process. It’s one of the silliest films in recent memory, but it’s also kinda brilliant. It’s the best thing Rogen has done in a while, I think, and in many ways it’s a triumph for adult animation. Usually this genre gets stiffed with walking turds like Osmosis Jones, but this is much more South Park than Team America.

Funniest movie of the year? Maybe. The year is still early, and I’d love to see a more consistently funny film, rather than a film that just snowballs into a giant clusterfuck. It does take a moment for Sausage Party to truly get interesting, but once its there, you will never be the same.

So, go see Sausage Party, and then go home and murder some more helpless food. Or maybe this film will finally help you on your diet. You won’t know until you see it, and you should.


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