Amazon Renews ‘One Mississippi’

I know I haven’t been much of a daily news guy recently, but this story was too good for me to pass up. Amazon has decided to order a second season of the fantastic Tig Notaro series One Mississippi, which is loosely based on Tig’s life, and created by Diablo Cody. You might remember, I praised One Mississippi after accidentally binge watching the entire short season in one sitting, because I had no idea it was only six episodes. It is an excellent comedy, with a lot of really serious moments, and it showcases Tig’s talent brilliantly. I’m really happy Amazon has stuck with the comedy. There hasn’t been a confirmed number of episodes. but I would hope that Amazon allows for more than six. However, this might be the choice of Tig or Diablo, and if they’re making that as a creative choice, I respect that. But if this is coming from Amazon, this show is worthy of allowing Tig and Diablo to creatively decide the length they feel they need (within reason of course) to tell their story. If they ask for 8 or 10 episodes, I would hope Amazon realizes they’re sitting on a potential Emmy contender. Season 2 is expected to air in 2017. Season 1 launched in September, so I’d expect a similar timeframe, though it is important to note that this season is getting picked up a month earlier than Season 1 got ordered, so it is possible that with the same timeline, they could complete for an airdate as early as August.

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