The Forever Purge

Starring: Did you come to this film for the cast? Really?

Directed By: Someone who was really excited to cut their teeth on a Purge sequel.

Where I Watched it: HBO MAX

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Description provided By: The media Access group

Narrated By: Adrienne Bardeau

The Plot: A group of anthropomorphic moths must fight for survival against the deforestation of thei magical forest that gives them unusual abilities. But when a cat arrives from outer space, the logging crew finds themselves pitted against a foe they never saw coming.

What Works: It’s a purge film. If you like the Purge films. This is one. It achieves being a Purge movie. As much as i love to make fun of every aspect aof this film, I also cannot deny that I have hated movies far more than this, and that there are far worse times to be had in a movie theatre. However, this franchise has just become a random group of people trying to survive a purge. No plot is ever really necessary, nor do they try and pretend there is much of one.

Here, Mexican immigrants are the main protagonists, and a white rancher family. And Josh Lucas for some reason. In this film, America is so overrun with these immigrants that racists are angry, and they need purging, so The Purge is reinstated so these racists can blow off steam, but this purge never stops. And our military seems to be left defenseless to these purgers.

What Doesn’t Work: Do you really want an entire paragraph for every problem I had with this film? Lack of substantial character development. Random things learned about characters out of nowhere. A character just reveals a badass background just to explain why they know how to use a gun. There is no core villain, though there are multiple attempts at making one, but they all die, so there isn’t one villain that runs the duration of the film.

This film isn’t scary enough to be considered horror, nor gory enough. It’s not action packed. It’s just slightly suspenseful as it introduces a ton of characters you won’t care about, refuses to give them discernible personalities and instead defines them by things like “the pregnant one” or “the best friend”, one character’s actual name is just “Mother”. Then it kills most of them off.

I don’t know what I expect from this series anymore. But, I hope the next Purge is the final one. For everyone’s sake.

The Blind Perspective: Per usual, bad films have great audio description. This film tracks every action sequence perfectly, makes sure to point out important imagery like roses and skulls, and does a decent enough job of making sure you can follow a film that is essentially plotless, and makes very little sense. Six hours for all God fearing Americans to make it to a border? That’s not even possible for all Americans, but it happens to be just the right amount of time needed for our Texas residents to be in a beat the clock scenario to get to El Paso.

Final Thoughts: Do what you want. See it, or don’t. You should know if this is your thing. The first Purge was interesting, every other sequel has been exactly the same. Just a random group of people trying to survive somewhere in America with as little character development as humanly possible. We should not be championing films like this.

Final Grade: C-

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