Jackass 4.5

Starring: Jackasses.

Directed By: Jeff Tremaine

Where I Watched it: Netflix

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

The Plot: Deleted stunts from Jackass Forever are mixed with interviews with the cast.

What Works: So, like i said with Jackass Forever,n this is either your thing or it isn’t. Critics should not matter. I’m just giving my opinion, but really, this is not something that warrants critical praise. What’s the point? What do I Analyze? how good each stunt is? The originality/ The shock factor? How goofy the cast is? What are the metrics? There aren’t any. And that’s the point.

This 90 minute thing proclaims to be a new film because it consists of never before seen stunts, behind the scenes looks, and cast interviews. It ends up being slightly more interesting because it takes the time with each cast member, something I’m sure longtime fans of the series will appreciate, as well as explaining who this new cast is. So there is a reason to check this out even if you saw Forever, if you’re a fan. If you are not a fan, you probably won’t get much from this.

What Doesn’t Work: It’s not that things don’t work. I liked some of the stunts, it’s just that this franchise doesn’t translate the same way for a blind audience. I’m sorry if that offends you, but having seen this visually as a series, and now having to just listen to it with audio description, no matter how great the description is, it can’t recreate the nauseating feeling you get from seeing these things happen on film, or the claim that Jackass Forever had more penises on camera than any other R rated film previously. Hearing that is one thing, seeing it is different. I’ve noticed a shift with gore too. Hearing that someone’s head exploded, is much different than seeing it explode.

the Blind Perspective: But in spite of that, earlier I wrote that Jackass Forever had one of the best audio description tracks of the year because it embraced the nature of the franchise. It went with the lowest common denominator when trying to describe male body parts, and that’s what fans of this series would appreciate. This 4.5 does that same thing, but it’s easier because a third of the film are cast interviews. So, it’s more great work.

Final Thoughts: This is either your thing or not. Regardless of my score, or any critic score, you will either like this or hate this. You should already know the answer to that question for yourself. For me, this series is something I’m aging out of, as I’m starting to find this brand of humor less funny overall.

Final Grade: C+

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