Christmas With you

Where I Watched It: Netflix

English Audio Description?: Yes

Well, it looks like after all that Falling For Christmas stuff, I’m finding more reasons to pay attention to this Christmas nonsense where a flood of movies everyone will forget hits us each year.This time, Netflix dropped a film with Freddie Prinze jr., and i was like… Shit. Now i have another one to watch. The next one has Justin Hartley, who I am now a big fan of after This Is Us, so if they keep casting like this, I might review everything they make.

I really don’t need to talk a lot here about Christmas With you, because I already reviewed Marry me. Here, a charming pop star needs to put herself back in the spotlight, so she surprises a super fan, whose dad is a super cute music teacher, and much to the chagrin of her Telanovela boyfriend, finds out that she might want to spend Christmas with a random widower and his daughter. That’s basically the film.

It’s so predictable, but I don’t think anyone watches this for twists, but rather comfort. And it kind of feels like A Marry me Christmas. Freddie Prinze jr has always been charming in these roles, and he continues to play that role, even though the star from my teenage years now plays dads with teenaged children, and makes me wonder what is this life? But, he’s great here. And he’s paired with Amy Garcia (Lucifer), who is delightful as hell. She’s someone who should have a higher profile as it is, instead of being that girl from Lucifer.

Aside from that, it doesn’t feel like a straight to whatever film. It feels like a solid, well written romcom with a dull title, that could have been released theatrically at Christmas. The supporting cast is all great, better than Falling For Christmas, and it makes a huge difference. Plus, the writing is just better.

Also, instead of being narrated by the guy who sounds like his resume is full of shows aimed at preschoolers, this is just a normal female narrator doing the audio description. It’s everything you could ever want from a somewhat standard rom com, except it feels so similar to a film released just earlier this year. These films have a quick turnaround too, so i think they knew Marry me existed, and went with this anyway.

I gave Marry me a B, so I’m giving the Christmas version of it…

Final Grade: B-

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