The Too Much TV Roundup- November 30th

This one is a riveting roundup between two shows. Which one beat out the other? It’s like the finale of a reality show.

2) Reboot (Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

While there was nothing wrong with Reboot, in terms of the plot, or jokes, it was just up against an episode of Andor where there were real stakes, and emotional moments.Meanwhile, on Reboot, we saw a trip around the studio lot from a former child star’s perspective, lots of problematic workplace talk about scissoring, and Bri trying to figure out if she’s “sexually fluent”.

Episode Grade: A

1) Andor (Disney Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Now I’m on Episode 11, where Cassian is just finally starting to get his life back on track, only to uncover the devastating truth that waits him at home. Meanwhile, Luthian destroys a fucking tractor beam in likely one of the most underrated Star Wars moments ever, and Cyril remains absolutely insufferable. I’m hoping this series ends with Vader doing his death grip on Cyril. I think consistently my biggest problem with the show overall, is that one of the centric villains is some pencil pushing mama’s boy who seems incapable of seeing a larger picture, and literally cannot let something that never affected him to begin with go, even as his grip on this thing continues to make his life harder. In one way, he’s one of the more complex villains of the Star Wars universe, but in another, he’s also just the kid at the back of the room who rats everyone out to the teacher. And in a series with so many really great villains, that annoying kid is just annoying, no matter how much his back story is fleshed out. Vader he is not.

Episode Grade: A (Luckily, there wasn’t much Cyril this week)

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