Weekend Box Office Estimates: ‘Ride Along’ Slays

1) Ride Along- 35M 3 Day Weekend, 45M Four Day

Ride Along is on pace to do about 45M by the end of the four day weekend. That’s pretty incredible. It can probably be attributed to the undertested value of Kevin Hart’s box office bankability (the failure of Grudge Match cannot be attributed to him). One thing is for certain, Universal is having a GREAT start to the year.

2) Lone Survivor- 23M 3 Day Weekend, 27M Four Day

The other Universal movie at the top continues to roll along. Another huge hit for Mark Wahlberg.

3) The Nut Job- 19.5M  3 Day Weekend, 24.5M Four Day

Looks like The Nut Job was going to fare a bit better than Walking With Dinosaurs or Free Birds. Even with Frozen still doing great business.

4) Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit- 16M 3 Day Weekend, 18.5M 4 Day Weekend

Jack Ryan is kinda flopping. I don’t think Paramount anticipated Ride Along, or Lone Survivor, and this is just a poor showing as a result of heavy competition.

5) Frozen- 13M 3 Day Weekend, 17.5M 4 Day Weekend

Disney’s Frozen is still one of the hottest things around. Rarely do we see a film like this that is a true juggernaut, but Frozen is.

6) American Hustle- 10M 3 Day Weekend, 12M 4 Day Weekend

7) Devil’s Due- 9M 3 Day Weekend, 10.5M 4 Day Weekend

Flop. D+ cinemascore. Even with a smart viral marketing campaign, Devil’s Due couldn’t be saved. After the disappointing gross of The Marked Ones, and now Devil’s Due, are audiences done with found footage horror films?

8) August Osage County- 7.5M 3 Day Weekend, 8.5M 4 Day Weekend

9) The Wolf Of Wall Street- 7M 3 Day Weekend, 8M 4 Day Weekend

10) Her- 4M 3 Day Weekend, 5M 4 Day Weekend

11) Saving Mr Banks- 4M 3 Day Weekend, 5M 4 Day Weekend


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