Box Office Predictions: “Captain” Might Take A Victory Lap

1) Captain America 2- 45M Weekend, 167M Total

Even with a 50% drop, the Captain is likely to edge out Rio 2, the sequel no one asked for. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh on the bird flick, but Rio 1 just did not excite me enough, so Rio 2 is like Cars 2… and I’m wondering why it even exists. I’m going to predict a victory lap for the Captain.

2) Rio 2- 40M Weekend, 40M Total

The first Rio opened to 39M, and went on to make another 100M on top of that before leaving theatres. That’s not a huge gross, and I’m not sure if there’s a ton of growth potential with this franchise. I’m betting that it will about match the original, at least on opening weekend. Kids films have been cleaning up this year, even Peabody and Sherman broke 100M.

3) Oculus-18M Weekend, 18M Total

Oculus has potential to break away from the pack due to exceptional reviews (for a horror film) and a lack of competition in the marketplace. Insidious was originally an April release, and did really well in this same general timeframe.

4) Draft Day- 12M Weekend, 12M Total

Kevin Costner hasn’t exactly been a box office trailblazer, and its likely that Draft Day won’t set the box office on fire this weekend. It’ll do OK, since there aren’t a lot of comedies for adults right now, so audiences are a little starved in this genre.

5) Noah- 8M Weekend, 86M Total

Noah crumbled over 60% last weekend, and another 50%+ drop to 8M is probably in store. It still will break 100M, amazingly.

6) Divergent- 6.5M Weekend, 123M Total

7) God’s Not Dead- 6.5M Weekend, 42M Total

8) Grand Budapest Hotel- 4.5M Weekend. 40M Total

9) Muppets Most Wanted- 3.5M Weekend, 46M Total

10) Mr Peabody and Sherman- 3M Weekend, 106M Total

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