The Mysteries Of Laura- Season 2 Premiere

Starring: Debra Messing, Josh Lucas, Laz Alonso, Janina Gavankar, Callie Thorne

I admittedly gave up on The Mysteries Of Laura last season after the pilot episode, which I gave a D+. I thought it was an awful pilot, with these weird demon children, and an unlikeable Debra Messing. I haven’t seen a single episode from then until now. So I have no idea how the show progressed in its first season, but I can tell you… it’s a far cry from where it was a year ago.

First thing that worked for me was the complete disappearance of the demonic kids. They held back the pilot, and they were completely absent from the Season 2 premiere. That’s something done right. There was some weird subplot in the pilot about her having these awful kids who peed on each other, and I’m so happy that they’re gone. I mean, they’re not “gone”, but I’m hopeful that the show moved past that.

It has now situated itself as a procedural, with a sassy female lead who is smarter than people give her credit for, who is saddled with spending a lot of time with her ex-husband, and rounds out the supporting cast with two likeable supports (Alonso, Gavankar), and is introducing a new boss (Thorne) who is no nonsense and the polar opposite of Laura. It’s like the show hit the reboot button, and found out what works.

The Mysteries Of Laura is now on strong footing, and is what I would deem a completely watchable procedural. Even if it isn’t reinventing the wheel, I actually enjoyed the Season 2 premiere. I thought I’d hate it, but I actually find myself contemplating whether or not this show should have a weekly watching time in my schedule. I’m not a big fan of procedurals, but I feel like I almost owe it to a show that I thought wouldn’t survive, yet somehow turned itself around.

This is how you fix a show. If your show is broken, take some notes from The Mysteries Of Laura, because this show now works. I’m glad I revisited this show. Pleasantly surprised.


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